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  1. Custom footsteps

    I don't know how it's done, but I know for sure that it can be possible.
  2. Custom footsteps

    Then you'll have to do some netcoding, which take some time and are kind of complicated to understand.
  3. DoLongAction Replace

    I am always glad to be of service!
  4. Custom footsteps

    Just put the foleysound code in your character's common_postinit or common_fn file and everyone should be able to hear it.
  5. DoLongAction Replace

    The code I gave you only makes it easier for your character to harvest stuff quick. (Harvesting crops, foods from crock pots, drying racks etc.) If you want to make your character be able to pick saplings and other pickable items fast, then here's the code for this too. (replace the function and the postinits with the following code) Code:
  6. DoLongAction Replace

    Hi. Here's the code for making your character harvest stuff quick. Just change "charactername" in the 4th line with your character's prefab name and put the code in modmain.lua and you're done.
  7. Good to know I'm not the only one who has this problem. Change build_name to build_name_override to fix the missing head icon. As for the thingamabob thing, put this in your modmain.lua file GLOBAL.STRINGS.SKIN_NAMES.suu_none = "Suu" I've also encountered another problem with modded characters where they do not use the correct big portrait in the inspection screen and the character selection screen (basically, they use the old big portrait from the old character selection screen before the Forge update). Proof: Basically, it can be fixed by changing the old big portrait file with the new big portrait file but I honestly believe this is something that should be fixed by Klei (even if things are fine on their end).
  8. I see, So basically, there's no way to get item information from recipes (including modded recipes), right? Thanks for the code, btw.
  9. So I'm working on making code for a character a friend of mine is making where the character is not able to equip any torso clothes or even craft them, but he's able to craft backpacks and armors and can also use them. The equipping part is done, but the problem I'm having is with the code for removing recipes, as I'm trying to remove the recipes that do not include the backpack tag, do not count as armor but also are body slot items. However it keeps giving me an error in the line with removing the recipes and says that components is a "nil value". The removal of recipes code: -- Removing every clothing recipes that exists for this character inst.components.builder.ignorelist = { } function inst.components.builder:AddIgnoreRecipe( recname ) self.ignorelist[ recname ] = recname end function inst.components.builder:RemoveIgnoreRecipe( recname ) self.ignorelist[ recname ] = nil end local old_CanLearn = inst.components.builder.CanLearn function inst.components.builder:CanLearn( recname ) local ret = old_CanLearn(recname) return ret and self.ignorelist[ recname ] == nil end for k, v in pairs(AllRecipes) do if IsChestClothing(v.product) then inst.components.builder:AddIgnoreRecipe( end end The code that crashed the game: local function IsChestClothing(item) if item.components.equippable and item.components.equippable.equipslot == EQUIPSLOTS.BODY and not item:HasTag("backpack") and not item.components.armor then return true else return false end end Thanks in advance!
  10. Thingamabob

    Strange... I never saw a non-skinned item be called a Thingamabob.
  11. Ethan, The Hot Head

    Way to go!
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I just made this Maxwell related meme and I'll be honest... I am very proud of it.
  13. That brings so many points for a question.