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  1. Alright, just sent you the files in a PM.
  2. No, nothing works, the ghost skin and the default skin works by default for any modded character period, but changing the ghost skin or the default skin or even adding another skin for the character doesn't work AT ALL, it's like they're the same thing and nothing new happened to the character. If you feel like this is tiring, do you mind if I give you my modmain file or even my whole mod files? Because I have no idea why this is not working at all. Also I tested the charactername thing and it feels like there was no result, and I even disabled all mods (client mods and server mods) and only enabled the 2 character mods that I have added these features for and nothing happened.
  3. I am definitely running this in modmain. And no, it doesn't show me Wilson or nothing, it shows me the default model of the character itself with its own ghost, but it doesn't show the other skins at all, I did a bit of research and changed the ghost build to the Wilson ghost build and unfortunately, the ghost skin build doesn't change in the wardrobe. Also if you don't mind, can you send me one of your character's modmain files only to make sure that I'm doing this right?
  4. Ok, this is unfortunate. I tried using the same code you pasted here and it still seems like nothing changed, did Klei not implement the feature properly or something? Also here's what my code looks like now: local ghost_preview_y_offset = -25 local ghost_preview_scale = 0.75 AddModCharacter("jangton", "MALE", { skeleton_skin = { build = "jangton_skeleton", bank = "wilson", idle_anim = "idle_loop", play_emotes = true, scale = 1, offset = {0, 0} }, ghost_skin = { build = "ghost_jangton_build", bank = "ghost", idle_anim = "idle", scale = ghost_preview_scale, offset = {0, ghost_preview_y_offset} }, })
  5. easy codes for beginners

    Actually for the no hunger code part for the character, you could just do this: inst.components.hunger.DoDelta = function(self, delta, overtime, ignore_invincible) return end What that does is it makes the hunger component DoDelta return no value at all, and because the DoDelta function is responsible for changing many things for the hunger meter (losing hunger overtime, gaining hunger by eating and vice versa), returning the function's value to 0 will make it not do much and instead the hunger meter will stay as it is, a static meter that won't and can't change at all, I tried it myself for my character mod and it works pretty well, it's easier to write and I guarantee you it doesn't crash the game at all, however the other code mentioned in this thread works too and I guess if you want to play safe you can use that other code, but imo I kind of recommend the code I have here more.
  6. Bump. Still looking for a solution, anyone got any?
  7. The code is from skinsutils.lua, which I believe contains many global functions for skins for any character in the game. Here's the code btw
  8. Hello fellow modders. So I recently started to play DST again and I found something interesting in the wardrobe when you cycle views with some characters in the game, where it shows you the other states/modes of the characters You know how when you cycle views with Wolfgang so you can see what he looks like when he's mighty, wimpy or a ghost? Yeah, that's exactly what I'm aiming to do for my character mods and I know for sure it's possible because I just read this from the game's recent patch notes. However, I'm having a hard time trying to set the code up and I'm really stumped on what to do. I tried taking the code that does this stuff for the official characters and still nothing changed and now I'm stuck with this line of code AddModCharacter("stormish", "MALE", {{name = "normal_skin", scale = 1.5}, {name = "human_skin"}, {name = "ghost_skin", scale = 0.75, offset = {0, -25}}}) I'm not really sure if I'm doing this correctly, if anyone here already added that feature for their character mod, please show me how it's done, thanks in advance.
  9. Thingamabob

    Strange... I never saw a non-skinned item be called a Thingamabob.
  10. Ethan, The Hot Head

    Way to go!
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I just made this Maxwell related meme and I'll be honest... I am very proud of it.
  12. That brings so many points for a question.