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  1. I only have 200,421 Kcal and I get the negative number. Plus my dupe starved to death.
  2. I am seeing this as well. Sometimes saving the game and reloading it will get the puft "unstuck". I have also seen Duplicants stuck eating a couple of times. But not as often as pufts get stuck.
  3. I have a duplicant that insists on delivering. I've X out all jobs except Research and Tidy. Yet he continues to pick up items marked for sweep and put them in storage.
  4. There still appear to be problems with the Dup's priority for eating. They will chose to have their stress response repeatedly (at least 5 times in a row) and/or use the restroom instead of eating and they drop dead. There is plenty of food. I've tried changing consumables so that they are the only one that can eat and I force them to stand on their food. If they keep running off to the restroom, I lock the door so that they cannot run to the restroom. They chose to cry or vomit on their food repeatedly and then drop dead of starvation. Simply cannot force them to eat not even if they are locked in a room with their food. They can have as many as 500 or 600 cals left and just keep having a stress response repeatedly one after another until their cals drops to 0 and they die. I have seen it at least once with a dup that started with far higher cals and just chose to repeatedly have their stress response instead of eat even when standing on top of available food.