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  1. am i the only one who is unhappy with these module count limitations being so restrictive? i don't use debug tools to test stuff when the patch comes out (meaning i didn't know the higher tier engine stats), so last patch (when radiation was introduced) i started a new colony and made my way up to the end of the tech tree. i was so excited to finally be able to setup a rocket which will have a battery module, gas module to hold oxygen (i've tested the system on smaller rocket: oxygen is supplied to the command module and co2 is put back into the gas tank and it worked great), big command module and some useful payload module like research module or solid cargo. and when i finally was able to build top tier hydrogen engine, i realized that because of this max module limitation i can't build anything useful. i had to drop either battery module or gas tank to be able to fit research/solid cargo. what's the point of implementing this system (with power/gas/liquids ports inside the command module) which suggests that you should use battery module instead of hamster wheels inside, gas tank module instead of algae diffusers & co, when such system basically cuts you off from actual intended purpose of the rocket (to transfer goods or to research)? so TLDR: when i played until unlocking the most powerfull engine in the game and tried to build a rocket with it, after realizing that it still doesn't allow me do what i want (and i tested all other engines and combinations) - my disappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined. i just closed the game and didn't touch it since then, hoping that at some point these module requirements would be rebalanced.
  2. devs, please increase the font size on the "Early Access" label for the DLC - it's not obvious enough
  3. it would be awesome to get before holidays either new engine which can travel further than co2/sugar or just a temporary bump in co2 engine's travel distance.
  4. @Ipsquiggle what does "+200% Rocket Navigation Efficiency" description actually mean on Rocket Piloting II skill? does it mean we can finally fly on CO2 engine to further planetoids or just that duplicant will do the "thingy" inside rocket faster (pushing buttons on rocket control panel)? second option would just mean duplicant wastes less time for this rocket control task but doesn't give much benefit i would say, so i hope for the first option i want to see other planetoids
  5. crashes when trying to accept stuff from printing pod - checked multiple times
  6. thanks for pufts! can we have now our morb farms back? (talking about critter drop through the horizontal door, since morbs do not have eggs - they cannot be relocated without duplicant interaction)
  7. @Ipsquiggle can you please increase light bonus to e.g. 10-15% to be valuable and not just a requirement to build a room of certain type?
  8. @Ipsquiggle since this is the last patch before release - can someone please do a balance pass on critters (mainly pufts - they are useless currently). and also look into geysers outputs? CO2/polluted oxygen/hydrogen/etc. some of them are again useless and by "last patch" i mean last major update before release
  9. thanks a lot! just checked - no crash and Nisbet is back and finally can pee jetsuit is missign though.
  10. @Ipsquiggle was the issue with duplicant entering the rocket in jet suit and then unable to exit the rocket fixed? i can't get my duplicant out of the rocket for ages already. rocket flies normally but i need to reconfigure it and i cant - deconstruct of the command module or duplicant unassignment = crash
  11. @Ipsquiggle hi. are there any fixes for rockets planned soon? my game constantly crashes when i'm trying to unassign duplicant from the rocket or deconstruct the rocket or assign him to different rocket. i could play until now normally but i need to do full reconfiguration of that rocket so i NEED to get this duplicant out. if it helps i've sent my save file via regular crash screen (save file name "Factory 003"). also if it helps duplicant entered the rocket in jet suit thanks in advance
  12. @Ipsquiggle infinite production orders do not work properly: after some amount of orders done (or most likely after there's not enough ingridient to continue infinite order) it just stops producting even if there's enough engridients afterwards. so i constantly need to check my cooking station and other equipment and to fix it i'm changing infinite order to whatever amount and back to infinite Also the most annoying part after the patch (or maybe even from the beginning of this QoL update) is that duplicants keep taking stuff from the ground and after few tiles they drop it. Then return and pickup and again drop and this madness can continue forever until they will get hungry or whatever.
  13. @Ipsquiggle can you please add the "ruler" tool? coz i think it would be hard for you to add dynamic counts on tile creation like you have for e.g. deconstruct order. and the "ruier" tool will allow to easily measure the area (will be useful for perfectionists builds :)). previously i used to count tiles when i wanted to be very precise and it was annoying. currently i can use deconstruct or sweep tool but then i might need to cancel the deconstruct/sweep order which is only slightly inconvinient. thanks for the update btw
  14. BTW, all production orders in new ui (e.g. Electric Grill) are reset to 0 after reload.