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  1. yep, for 1-2 cycles (i don't know exact time) baby critter stays inside incubator, and if dupe does not pick it - critter drops on the ground and starts running around - then you need to wrangle it
  2. i think it's based on the egg incubators behavior - you grow eggs and when they are ready, critters still sit inside the incubator for quite a long time giving duplicant time to come and pick it without need of wrangle
  3. imo, repair tasks should be just transferred to "build" category, but i just added this issue to the list of "wait until modders will fix it"
  4. you can actually just set % on manual generators themselves - e.g. natural gas gens kick in when battery goes down to 50%, and manual generators are set to 20% = duplicants will run to generators only when battery goes to specified %.
  5. maybe vacancy only should be set by default. it would prevent issues for new players who don't know that
  6. Water + L.Carbon Dioxide?

    dont waste you time - co2 geyser has no cooling capacity. best cooling geyser is "slush geyser" - minus 10 degree C of output and in great volume
  7. still makes no sence - only one animation should be played - soggy feet should be ignored if sopping wet event happens
  8. also why sopping wet animation is played twice in a row? they shake water off one leg, then off another and then repeat it again. maybe it's a bug which noone thought it was? coz playing this animation twice back to back looks ridiculous
  9. thanks for pufts! can we have now our morb farms back? (talking about critter drop through the horizontal door, since morbs do not have eggs - they cannot be relocated without duplicant interaction)
  10. @Ipsquiggle can you please increase light bonus to e.g. 10-15% to be valuable and not just a requirement to build a room of certain type?
  11. @Ipsquiggle since this is the last patch before release - can someone please do a balance pass on critters (mainly pufts - they are useless currently). and also look into geysers outputs? CO2/polluted oxygen/hydrogen/etc. some of them are again useless and by "last patch" i mean last major update before release
  12. thank you for the amazing game! can't wait for new biomes and stuff
  13. [Game Update] - 296878

    thanks a lot! just checked - no crash and Nisbet is back and finally can pee jetsuit is missign though.
  14. [Game Update] - 296878

    @Ipsquiggle was the issue with duplicant entering the rocket in jet suit and then unable to exit the rocket fixed? i can't get my duplicant out of the rocket for ages already. rocket flies normally but i need to reconfigure it and i cant - deconstruct of the command module or duplicant unassignment = crash