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  1. @Ipsquiggle can you please increase light bonus to e.g. 10-15% to be valuable and not just a requirement to build a room of certain type?
  2. @Ipsquiggle since this is the last patch before release - can someone please do a balance pass on critters (mainly pufts - they are useless currently). and also look into geysers outputs? CO2/polluted oxygen/hydrogen/etc. some of them are again useless and by "last patch" i mean last major update before release
  3. most likely it will be just a possibility to end the colony (by sending all duplicants to asteroid at 210000km named "temporal tear" - i just checked it on star map), so don't get hyped too much
  4. i REALLY like the change. less magic, more sense is always good. it will force us to come up with solid high-tech builds instead of cheaty wheezworts (and this comes from wheez fanboy). but i'm really surprised they didn't fix the most magic stuff - FIXED TEMPERATURE OUTPUT
  5. Infinity gas storage

    i use non-cheaty (meaning without liquid on top of the vent) infinite gas storage for ages already: gas bottlers (1-3 depending on the throughput) + buffer gas tank before them and right next to them water lock and small room just to fit 1-2 (again depending on throughput) gas bottle emptiers and 1 gas pump (to pump gas out when i need it). bottle emptiers never overpressurize. e.g. in my current base i collect left-over hydrogen that way from the SPOM unit and currently i have 400 kg per tile in a 10 tile room full of hydrogen. same for natural gas from geysers. also good to have atmo suit in front of this room to prevent wet feet debuff from running though water lock. this build is not cheaty as i said and requires a little bit of dupe time occasionally (also it's not really critical to postpone gas delivery since you have a buffer tank)
  6. and this is kinda ridiculous allergy is more dangerous than any other negative trait. lol
  7. on latest build i have issues with all kinds of sensors - they just do not work for some reason, deconstruct and rebuild usually helps, or reload. this buils is bugged
  8. i also couldn't force myself to play more than 100 cycles (and usually for me it's the time when all the fun starts), because of disease system in QOL3. old system was good and i was really careful with slimelung. now i just do not care. i had sterile base but somehow like 1000 germs slipped into my base while i was building oxygen room and voila - after few cycles 1 dupe is running and coughing with slimelung germs, few cycles more - 3 dupes, few more - all of them. and it's all from small packets of infected air (compare 1k germs to 1kk germs on slime cell). and it was really frustrating to watch how this RNG-based crap is taking over my base. so i just ignored diseases completely and i didn't feel to my surprise any penalty for that which is ridiculous on its own. and i was playing ignoring sick dupes, but eventually perfectionist inside of me said that he had enough of this uncontrollable crap...and i stopped playing ONI :(( which is my favourite game and i have like 900 hours in it. i'm just waiting now for release patch with new stuff... PS: i would rather have brutally punishing diseases (like slimelung before QOL3 if you do not treat it - as result you lose your duplicant), than insignificant random-based poopylung
  9. i also do not get why people cant think of cooling steam turbine with the steam it moves deletes almost 10 times more heat than it produces - spend 1/10th of it to cool turbine itself
  10. thank you for the amazing game! can't wait for new biomes and stuff
  11. [Game Update] - 296878

    thanks a lot! just checked - no crash and Nisbet is back and finally can pee jetsuit is missign though.
  12. [Game Update] - 296878

    @Ipsquiggle was the issue with duplicant entering the rocket in jet suit and then unable to exit the rocket fixed? i can't get my duplicant out of the rocket for ages already. rocket flies normally but i need to reconfigure it and i cant - deconstruct of the command module or duplicant unassignment = crash
  13. [Game Update] - 296335

    @Ipsquiggle hi. are there any fixes for rockets planned soon? my game constantly crashes when i'm trying to unassign duplicant from the rocket or deconstruct the rocket or assign him to different rocket. i could play until now normally but i need to do full reconfiguration of that rocket so i NEED to get this duplicant out. if it helps i've sent my save file via regular crash screen (save file name "Factory 003"). also if it helps duplicant entered the rocket in jet suit thanks in advance
  14. [Game Update] - 296074

    @Ipsquiggle infinite production orders do not work properly: after some amount of orders done (or most likely after there's not enough ingridient to continue infinite order) it just stops producting even if there's enough engridients afterwards. so i constantly need to check my cooking station and other equipment and to fix it i'm changing infinite order to whatever amount and back to infinite Also the most annoying part after the patch (or maybe even from the beginning of this QoL update) is that duplicants keep taking stuff from the ground and after few tiles they drop it. Then return and pickup and again drop and this madness can continue forever until they will get hungry or whatever.
  15. super coolant freezing temp is -271.2 C