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  1. [Game Update] - 294553

    @V2C Could you also take a look at the items glitch? While we had this Rhino bug yesterday we play around and find a way to push item outside of map. Basically just use pike's special on item near edge and it has a chance to go off. Yesterday I posted this in one of the Rhino glitch post in bug tracker
  2. Match doesn't end after killing the 2 Rhinocebros

    https://youtu.be/QkaLNq0dSA4 Same thing happen to me We play around and find a way to push item out of bounds. Sometimes player got push out of bounds but its not as easy as item
  3. So that makes you a furniture delivery gay now huh?
  4. Berrycoin economics

    how is this a bug, its free market. I support free economy.
  5. having too many followers can cause this issue
  6. smelter unusable

    one iron into each slot, and then press smelt on the bottom?
  7. No birds landing

    Can confirm, couldn't find any birds or seeds when I am 10 days+ in.