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  1. @chirsg Quite right, in terms of cooperating boss fight. 1 Wortox with 20 souls + 1 stack of butterfly is enough for everyone to hold F and kill almost all bosses without much strategy. This bundle of songs is too insufficient that makes them redundant to the other superior methods. Making the meter drain slower would encourage player aim for more then 1 buffs
  2. You would think that she can buffs her peers damage output like in forge, but no no no think of the balance. With how the meter is as of now I think most will settle with 1 buffs consider how easy to reach it and how quick it deplete once its outside battle. There is no point aiming for second buffs really. You'd lose the inventory space to carry a second song. Reduce sanity loss might be a thing, but that's all this refresh can offer, 2 songs.
  3. First of all, Wigfrid is mini Bee Queen now. Both can sing a song that can cause mob to panic, except Bee Queen's song cannot be interrupt by being hit and Bee Queen has a song that boost its follower movement speed and attack speed, wouldn't it be nice to have it on our Wigfrid. Thought out my testing I notice the meter as it fill up, progressively require more hits to do so. Here I would like to suggest to add songs that can only be use on second slot and third slot, while not changing what is already added to the game. I would categorise them as tier 1, 2 & 3. Songs that are more powerful it couldn't be perform in the early stage of battle(or early stage of performance), it can only be perform in the heat of the battle, especially on tier 3 songs I would consider them the "Ultimate". Those Ultimate are unlock when Wigfrid hits the third meter and will consume certain amount of meter upon usage. In the current version there's only two song that consume meter to perform, however due to meter progressively harder to build it is easier to not have any buffs just so you could refill and use it again. Currently those two songs are not worth to spam with though. And currently a fully filled up meter doesn't do anything, having tier 3 song provide a use and refill instead of "I'm full there is nothing I can gain from this" Some idea would be, buff X for X seconds, restore X upon each use Also I find it hard to believe a renown performer cannot perform a song without holding the lyrics, did she also read from the script as well while on stage? Maybe add an option to right click "eat" the script literally, to remember that song word by word as she eats it. Then she can perform it later with an icon without taking the inventory space. And eating another lyrics would replace the existing one as favorite. Just throwing some of my ideas out
  4. @V2C Could you also take a look at the items glitch? While we had this Rhino bug yesterday we play around and find a way to push item outside of map. Basically just use pike's special on item near edge and it has a chance to go off. Yesterday I posted this in one of the Rhino glitch post in bug tracker
  5. https://youtu.be/QkaLNq0dSA4 Same thing happen to me We play around and find a way to push item out of bounds. Sometimes player got push out of bounds but its not as easy as item
  6. how is this a bug, its free market. I support free economy.
  7. having too many followers can cause this issue
  8. one iron into each slot, and then press smelt on the bottom?
  9. Can confirm, couldn't find any birds or seeds when I am 10 days+ in.