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  1. Well I couldn't recommend anything really as I only played offline disconnected from the internet once, and it was alone on a "server" hosted from within the game client, not a dedicated server. Can you describe what are you trying and what results you're getting? I know one should be able to play offline on its own; not sure if others would be able to join your server though. Guess it's a matter of really trial x error to get it right - or to figure out it doesn't work at all :/
  2. Alright not being connected to the internet is probably the issue then as the script (according to the guild link you posted) always try to install/update the game on startup. This line in step 9., specifically: This requires an internet connection to install the game; if it's already installed it looks for game updates and validate the game files. You can comment this line and try it out, could possibly work to play disconnected from the internet (although I can't tell for sure). Important things to notice if you comment this line: You have to run the script at least once while connected to the internet so the game files will be downloaded (first time setup) If your computer is connected to the internet (at any point) with Steam open, your game client could potentially be updated. If that happens your dedicated server will mismatch your client version, thus you'll need to update your server to be able to find it and play on it (pretty much the step above, just run the script once with that line uncommented) Not sure why you're playing disconnected from the internet, but if the sole reason is to not have your server listed, setting the offline_server setting takes care of that already.
  3. You have to set your server as "offline" otherwise it will try to communicate with Steam to be listed on the game's server list. To do so, add this line to your cluster.ini file, within the [NETWORK] group: [NETWORK] offline_server = true
  4. Oh my, LOLed really hard here now. "It can move and fight freely" sure, so let's put two indestructible structures here so it will get stuck behind them to not move nor fight freely.
  5. Kiting?

    I would answer yes to the latter. Actually, for some fights a part of the strategy is placing and positioning. Some mobs are a bit faster, thus aggroing them and have them to follow you into a road/cobblestone will make kiting easier as your char can move faster. With that in mind, once you get the hang of each mob's behavior you can easily prepare before the fight to pick your surroundings (with some exceptions and limitations of course - e.g. Dragonfly, Toadstool, etc). As mentioned before, I find it optimal to kite in a single direction. This way, WASD + F becomes pretty much A + F (left / right fight) or S + F (up / down fight). The movement keys move you away in a straight direction, while F (or whatever your attack key is) move you in the very opposite direction back to the mob while also triggering a new attack. One other thing I have yet to master is to get each mob's timing precisely right - when you get to dodge and get back at attacking, having the mob to stand still and not move (chase you) at all, that makes the fight way easier as you don't have to compensate / adjust for the mob's locomotion. But again that's something that only comes with practice (per mob!). As a last resource, if you don't mind mods you can try disabling click to walk as it would cancel any clicks "on the ground", making it harder to "walk past" your target. I personally would advise against using the mouse to either attack or dodge during a fight as getting the hang of the keys are way more accurate and quick in response. Use the mouse to switch items in the inventory if you have a hard time to use the inventory hotkeys (1, 2, 3, ...)
  6. Unlocking Characters

    This should unlock Charlie as a playable character
  7. Nice one! I admire the brave absence of armor or healing items to prove your point! Not long ago I tried a somewhat similar strategy, but it would simplify the whole fight by replacing the "dancing around lavae" part for a "let the dumb lavae get stuck in walls". Yours require a bit more of practice / skill, but is great for an early game as all one needs is the pan flute if kited right. Thanks for sharing! Suggestion: create a Steam Guide for it
  8. [Game Update] - 259992

    Keep it as a trophy!
  9. [Game Update] - 259992

    It would be awesome if events would have a slightly improved item/chest drop rate than regular off-event seasons. Let's say increase the weekly limit to 6 (or even 8) rather than the regular 4 drops. Another idea is to have some action-based drops e.g. back in The Forge you'd get one chest every time you level up. Say you have a 5% chance of getting a drop after killing the Clay Varg. To counterfeit crazy drop farming, action based drops could have cooldown. Using the given example, maybe you can only get one drop a day from killing the Clay Varg. So with a X% chance to have one drop per day it's a quite interesting challenge to engage deeper with the event's content. The examples were based on past events - those are mere illustrations on what could be done for future ones
  10. Big Event #2? Lets theorise!

    Would actually love to see Shipwrecked brought into DST. The mechanics could be reused from DS to create an "adventure" (or connected?) world in SW. It would also be nice if, whatever the next event is, it does not require a fixed amount of players as Forge did (even though it was beatable with less than 6 players).
  11. I would suggest double checking all your folder paths to make sure everything is in the right place. It's easy to mistaken paths without noticing it. Check the post above, in the end it was all about a misconfigured path in the execution script. It's also helpful if you post a link to the guide you followed when setting up your server, so we can base on it to help you debugging the issue
  12. I'm pretty sure that by now you've seen this post: But regardless I'd like to point out two specific settings: 1) On the MASTER shard's server.ini file, set: bind_ip = This should allow slaves to connect from another computer in the network. ---- 2) On BOTH shards' server.ini files, a cluster_key should be set to the same value for authentication: -- Master server.ini cluster_key = ThisIsARandomSecretString159132 -- Caves server.ini cluster_key = ThisIsARandomSecretString159132 ------ There are also some other interesting properties worth checking out such as master_ip, master_port, etc. I would recommend a thorough read on that post as you may find really useful information there. Hope you get it working and enjoy, cheers!
  13. Have you tried joining your server, though? I too see this error often but never dug into it as it doesn't get in the way and the server works normally. Give it a try and post back
  14. Would love to find a solution for this issue as well. We end up cornered as multi threading isn't possible due to Lua native limitations. One "solution" for the world age that I've seen is to limit the number of prefabs in the world. There are some mods that will "garbage collect" items that are dropped on the ground for too long - or if there are too many of them. Also saw people talking about considerably reducing the amount of trees in the world and increasing their loot rates instead. The less entities you have the more you free up your CPU. Unfortunately that doesn't help at all when it comes to the number of players connected to the server. I also experienced considerable lag when 8+ players are connected. The one thing I know that could influence is if the tick_rate setting was tweaked up. But I have experienced lag with it set to 15 (IMO the minimal playable setting), which is pretty low. So no clues on what else to do there.