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  1. Creating a sever Admin

    Exactly Just be careful and make sure you trust the ones you're granting admin rights on your server. As per the official Wiki:
  2. Creating a sever Admin

    Do you have access to the server logs? When starting the server, a few lines in the logs shows where the adminlist.txt, whitelist.txt and blocklist.txt should be located as the server tries to load them. The logs shows the full path to those files and whether they were loaded successfully or not. The lines will start with OnLoadPermissionList, and will look something like this: Once you create the path in the path the server is looking for, you'll see "(Success)" instead when booting up the server.
  3. Unbanning

    That. Once you ban they should never be able to join your server or get "unbanned", unless you explicitly remove the ban (remove the entry from "blocklist.txt"). Be aware though that some players (especially destructive ones, a.k.a. griefers) have more than one Steam account, so once you ban one account, they login into another account and come back to haunt you. PRO TIP: You can ban people from the game <Tab> menu. Press <Tab>, then you'll see some icons to the right of the player's name. You can kick it (which allows them to rejoin) or ban permanently. Banning them from the game interface will automatically add their unique ID to blocklist.txt, so you don't ever need to do it manually.
  4. Come now child, have a sit. Ol' grandpa will tell you a story. This is an age old situation that happens to every public DST server out there. Some people enjoy building and constructing, while some others enjoy destroying and annoying probably because of unresolved childhood issues. There's not much a server admin can do other than kicking griefers and rolling back the server to the previous day. Klei won't do anything about it - not in their own hosted servers nor to the game mechanics to help people avoid/prevent griefing. Bottom line: it's sad, I hear you (been there, suffered that) but the best you can do is find a selected group of people to play with in a private / password protected server.
  5. Looking for DST friends

    In what timezone and region are you - and when would you be playing? I've been wanting to play for a while but haven't been able to, mostly due to lack of time. I'm in Europe / CEST (GMT+2) and can play only for a couple hours in the evening most of the days.
  6. [Game Update] - 259992

    Keep it as a trophy!
  7. [Game Update] - 259992

    It would be awesome if events would have a slightly improved item/chest drop rate than regular off-event seasons. Let's say increase the weekly limit to 6 (or even 8) rather than the regular 4 drops. Another idea is to have some action-based drops e.g. back in The Forge you'd get one chest every time you level up. Say you have a 5% chance of getting a drop after killing the Clay Varg. To counterfeit crazy drop farming, action based drops could have cooldown. Using the given example, maybe you can only get one drop a day from killing the Clay Varg. So with a X% chance to have one drop per day it's a quite interesting challenge to engage deeper with the event's content. The examples were based on past events - those are mere illustrations on what could be done for future ones
  8. Toggle Click to Walk

    Version 0.2.1


    Grants the player the ability to toggle between enable / disable click to walk functionality in-game. Disabling the click to move will ONLY affect clicks “on the ground” - e.g. when you’re not targeting any entities. You can still click to perform any actions such as mining, picking, attacking, examining, etc. Options: Click to Walk Tells whether click to walk will be working or not by default when joining a game "Yes" or "No" Toggle Key Toggles the functionality in-game. You can chose to disable the ability to toggle if you like. K L ; [ ] or "Disabled" — This mod was inspired by The Forge event when a lot of people seemed interested in this functionality. Although the event is over, it looks like some players don’t like this at all, even on regular DS/DST. Hope this mod can help improving your gameplay experience. As always all feedback is appreciated, enjoy! — Toggle Click to Walk is compatible with Don't Starve / Reign of Giants / Shipwrecked / Don't Starve Together. Related links: GitHub Repository Steam Workshop: Don't Starve Don't Starve Together The Forge request thread