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  1. Sorry for not responding but I had things to do. My router model is "UPC Connect Box" from UPC, sadly, most of results in google is in polish language and I can't find anything helpful.
  2. I turned off all my firewalls (windows, router, etc) and nothing changed. Still my friend get timed out and still I can't join to any servers.
  3. Then why I can't connect to any server. I can log in, I can see other games, I can host game but my friend get freezed after minute or two and have "timed out" error. It happens with all of my friends having DST, but they can play on other servers.
  4. Few months after my last comment, still, I didn't received any answer from support. Can you answer this? Im from poland, Don't Starve Together after few updates still not working (still can't reach klei servers when im trying to connect to any server).
  5. I found something, in console I can ping your servers, but in router options it says "Bad adress" with IP and Domain name, probably is something wrong with my router, but what? //Edit: Do you use some from those ports?: 25,53,135,137,138,139,161,162,445 or 1080 If yes, I have blocked those ports.
  6. Health Check says "OK" Sorry for polish CMD but Im from Poland.
  7. Hi. I bought game last week and whole time i have problem with Klei servers. I can login to the game and I can see other people servers, but I can't connect to them. I can't connect to the forge servers too. I tried to check files, disabling all mods (but it started before I downloaded any mods), reinstalling, adding DST to firewall (I don't have antyvirus so it can't be reason). Im from Poland, i tried everything from FAQ (restarting router, etc). Please help because i bought game and i can't play with others... It's just NORMAL Don't Starve at this moment... Sorry for my "perfect" english.