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  1. Hi, When I try to play on a 4k screen, the UI is too small to deal with, even set to 10. But if I change the resolution while Fullscreen is enabled, the game window scales down to only part of the screen in the upper left corner. If I disable Fullscreen, the UI doesn't visibly change, and when I quit out of settings and revisit them with fullscreen disabled, the resolution says it's 640x480? This is happening on a Windows 11 Dell XPS and a 4K Samsung TV. I was able to get the UI to a viewable size while playing on the previous Windows 10 computer, same 4K screen. Is there a difference in how Win11 handles scaling that DST hasn't caught up to, yet? I can't play the game now. Thanks.
  2. I played my latest colony a bit last night, and things proceeded normally, though performance seemed a little choppy compared to how it usually runs. Tonight (April 3) I fired up ONI and it updated itself. When I played the same colony, first, the edibles available dropped suddenly from around 80,000 calories to around 14,000 calories. I wasn't tracking closely enough to figure out why that happened, only that before I unpaused the colony, I noticed I had over 80,000 calories, and sometime shortly after unpausing, the amount dropped to around 14,000. Shortly = it hadn't been a full cycle in the game, and at only 15 dupes, they wouldn't have chewed through that many calories in one cycle. More notable, though, was that after 60+ cycles in this colony with everyone's immune systems in fairly good shape, during this April 3rd session, suddenly dupes began to get Slimelung. Germ overlay showed a lot of Slimelung germs around the base, so the illness itself is probably legit. However, no one had been sick before, but on April 3rd, within 1 hour of gameplay at normal speed, 5 dupes became sick with Slimelung, and most dupes' immune systems appeared to be gradually nosediving. Slimelung also appeared to be incurable as of April 3. I treated some patients in med-beds and some in pharma chambers, and all received aid from other duplicants, but no one's immune system recovered at all. Some of them were sick for more than 45 minutes / 4 cycles and did not improve in that time. If germs and sickness have been rebalanced, that's fine, but I'm sure the inability to cure slimelung must be a bug.
  3. Not sure if this was an issue before, but in the current build, we had some duplicants suffer scalding from a steam geyser. They reacted with an animation of clutching their arm/stomach and grimacing while moving more slowly. We sent them to the med bay until their health was 100/100. They left the med bay on their own. However, they continued to exhibit the "scalded" animation and slow movement. This continued for at least a couple of cycles so far. Related: the thermo aquatuner seems very useless? We tried using it to cool water and it quickly suffered overheat damage and broke, even when made of gold or wolframite. This must be a bug? Otherwise if this device only has one job, to cool water, and it's incapable of dealing with hot water, then why is it in the game? Hope this is helpful. We love the game.
  4. Same happened to me. I dug down that way for a steam geyser early in the game: the point of interest is barely even visible on the edge of the map and hard to reach without an exo suit, and it's very irritating to be unable to dismiss the "Overheated" and "Building broken" alerts for it when it's going to take a long while to even get down there. I turned on debug mode for the first time in order to destroy that battery.
  5. A hatch was burrowed in a square that was above a ladder. The ladder stretched down quite some ways before it passed through a horizontally-oriented pneumatic door, which had been locked. The hatch was then dug out. EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Hatch would fall down ladder's shaft until encountering the horiz. locked door, then stand up, begin exploration. WITNESSED BEHAVIOR: Hatch fell through the locked pneumatic door, along the ladder's path, until it hit solid ground below it.
  6. My current colony is between harvests and low on food so I have them using the microbe musher, but no one will stick with it long enough to extrude any food no matter how high a priority I make it, so the colony is starving. There seem to be several bugs involved with the microbe musher problem. For one thing, the recipe displayed when I click on the mush bar is the vitamin chew recipe from the apothecary. For another, when I do see a dupe go to the microbe musher and start to do the job, they get a "no power" notice and immediately abandon the task. But the musher is five tiles away from a functioning coal generator. I watched the power overlay for a while to see if the wires were turning yellow or red to indicate strain or overload when the musher was turned on. But dupes tried to use it a few times, got the no power notice and left, and the power grid stayed white the whole time. While I'm bug reporting, the apothecary tells me I have exactly enough balm lily left in storage to make one vitamin chew, but when I queue a vitamin chew, the icon is greyed out and the apothecary suddenly registers zero balm lilies. But according to the inventory list, I do have the balm lily. Since the vitamin chew recipe is also appearing on the microbe musher, seems like these bugs might be related.
  7. For me, the new update seems to have removed Polluted Dirt from the storage compactors. There's polluted dirt marked for sweeping but none of the storage compactors have it in their options, so it just sits there. Plumbing continues to be wonky... going by what I've found on the forums, this is a known issue. But it's happened for me several times now that I'll have a setup with a liquid pump and 2-3 lavatories working fine. I add a shower and the entire system stops working because: "not pumping." Annoying, but I know the liquid pump is temperamental about how much it will pump and where things are placed. So I remove the shower and the shower's associated pipes. But one or more of the lavatories seems to be permanently broken and "not pumping" even though the system is back to exactly the same configuration that was working before. New features are exciting, but it would be really nice if something as basic as plumbing was, at least, more communicative about what's causing problems. As it stands, "pipe blocked" and "not pumping" messages can only be solved by trial and error-- and every error results in water and polluted water spilling all over the base. Very frustrating. Nothing has made me quit / abandon bases more often than the plumbing. Still having fun though, so thanks for a great game.