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  1. Basically, the idea I have for a character is that everything that this character cooks in a crock pot will have its resulting freshness decreased by a percentage of its usual value. However, this probably requires some way to log who cooked what in a crock pot, which doesn't seem to exist as is. Would there be some way to implement this?
  2. Up until yesterday I've been able to find and play on Australian servers with around 30-40 ping. Now, it seems the lowest server ping I can ever find is >160. I assumed yesterday that there just weren't any Australians playing at the time, but today I double checked by hosting my own game and I'm getting those >160 ping values as well. Are the Australian servers down, or have they been removed? I've attached a small portion of the client_log.txt that's hopefully related to finding servers. Australia seems to be missing from the list and my region seems to be set to India instead.