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  1. Meep is loosing his poor little mind. His food standards (+1) where were to high for him to get consistently maybe every other meal was a +1 so was stressed out like getting a massage and he was climbing rapidly which is odd cause I have people with +2 food standards that aren't going that crazy. So I changed him to a lower job of 0 food standards to get his stress down. He is still freaking out and breaking everything even though he is meeting his food requirements. Then it goes down to 0 stress over food and is back up to 140% freaking out of about food quality in less than 1 cycle. Im gonna have to kill him I think, he just to far gone to save. jobssssss.sav
  2. Says I need to assign a worker to the farm station but side panel where you choose no longer comes up
  3. No i was selecting the one in the mess hall i guess you can call it. here is the save, I just checked it after the hotfix and its still doing it Lets get jobs.sav
  4. the mess tables when I try to assign someone says med bay and that's it. however it will automatically still assign people.
  5. Dig Icon on the granite and obsidian disappeared but Dups keep digging it. The Data Home.sav
  6. Not sure if this is intended but if a Dup has an interest in Build but has a trait unconstructive it makes it so the dup essentially has zero interests. I cant see any instance where you would want that and would probably get reshuffled 99% of the time. just something to think about.
  7. I'm an Idiot I guess it let me build a couple more things than I had copper for so when i mined some extra copper nothing changed. you were right problem solved!
  8. I have raw copper in my storage compactor but will not show for use? Anyway to fix this. would like to save this run and seed