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  1. After the quality of life update, pigs, beefalo, spiders etc. sometimes do not attack, they have a delay, when they are attacking they become passive, they stand and get hit, sometimes they run in a different direction. Thanks for help
  2. Hi all ^^ After the quality of life update, most settings are default, pigs, beefalo etc. My game for relaxation was to make wars between all living things yeah It was fun in the world, something always happened, war war pigs spiders merms beefalo red but :P etc. On ps3 I have default sadly, on Pc lots lots, on pocket edition more is ok, ps4 before quality of life took more and it was great now it's crap. My question if I buy don't starve console edition without dlc, won't I have this new quality of life update? and what about ROG? Does each version get this new update, it wants to go back to the settings above the default. I apologize for my poor English and please tell me what to do, what to buy to avoid these restrictions. Thanks and stay safe and healthy