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  1. A Generator connected to 2 or more Transformers only "feeds" one at a time (as seen in the attached image). This is clearly unintended and game breaking. Note: Tested with and without mods.
  2. Maybe I didn't make myself clear. The action resets (or restarts) itself. Thought this was self-explanatory. The dupe isn't stopping to do something else, she stopped to restart it. I'll see if it ever happens on the release build, but the devs may want to keep an eye on it.
  3. Build: LU-341503 Description: The dupe keeps resetting every time she tries to upgrade a Coal Generator during the upgrade itself (not only after coming back to avoid suffocating), and enters a prioritised task look (will break with other priorities). Does not crash the game. Details: Power Plant room with 95 tiles, 17 buildings (ladders, automation and only one generator) and filled with Carbon Dioxide. Attachment: Power Overlay of an attempt.
  4. When there is no battery on a given branch of the circuit, even though there are batteries in a different one, the Manual Generator' "Battery Recharge Threshold is ignored, and the dupes will keep trying to generate power indefinitely. As you can see from the example in the uploaded image, the circuit starts at the two Manual Generators that connects to both a Power Transformer (followed by a Battery) and a Transit Tube Access. Even while he Battery is at 16kJ (40%) and the Transit Tube Access is at full cap, as shown in the image, the condition of 30% threshold is ignored and the dupe continuously jumps on the mousewheel when i move her out. There are task that she's allowed to perform,has the required materials available and access to the location. This was tested with different dupes as well.
  5. Greetings. My dupe was stuck in repeated massages. Ex: I assigned a dupe to only do massage and mop. The dupe was going between the 2 massage tables, even while her stress was gone. I had to increase the mob task prioritization, which made all my dupes go neat-freak. I can understand task priority taking precedence, but this dupe was relieving herself continuously and unnecessarily, breaking the game's Job assignment mechanics. Thank you for the attention.