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  2. For new players i feel like its kinda... just imagine buying a new game... and you have to go onto an external source to actually understand what you are doing DESPITE the fact that isnt what you are told.
  4. i assume they did this because making players run three servers at a time might be too much, there were two caves in regular dont starve, but you didnt have to run the servers at the same time unlike dst
  5. oh absolutely, i dont think they should make it harder, but yeah i def think that would be interesting and prob make a bit more sense or in this case, maybe use it as an upgrade to one of the altars, much like upgrading a pseudoscience Station or something
  6. On the other hand, i dont think tweaking the way of obtaining the opal for example would 'ruin' the point of the game, especially if they have practically made living logs more common than twigs in a twiggy tree world.
  7. I believe a lot of this concern came from the idea that the game at some points misleads the player into thinking things through not being clear with how to go about solving a problem so the player often picks the easiest way even if it isnt as efficient as other ways, doesnt experiment enough, or assumes something like being unable to craft a certain item because its unobtainable in the moment. I had this problem years ago when originally learning the game, ive seen this when trying to teach friends how to play the game, and seeing youtubers try to play the game. For example i never knew that the lantern as useful as it is back when starting, i though, "Hey i dont know what a lightbulb is, this must be hard to obtain, i might was well just keep using torches," (along with the fact that because caves were turned off by default, it discouraged the players from turning them on along with telling them they needed a beefy computer, something that isn't even necessarily true.)
  8. Sorry, thats not necessarily my point. What im trying to say is that opal is an item that is so hard to discover, it doesnt make sense for klei to give it a use with its current path of obtaining it, im not saying that the game should just hand you it, just saying that the game shouldnt just tell you, " oh hey you need this gem but good luck trying to find out how to get it on your own!" I believe at the very least players should be given the opportunity to craft it via the celestial tab on a full moon or something of the sort, just for players to question, "oh hey what does this gem do?" just for players to stumble across the other two pedestals holding the gems just to put the puzzle pieces together and understand, "oh alright, so im supposed to craft that gem that i saw earlier on this third pedestal to turn it on huh?" The game never tells the player to build a deconstruction staff, nor does it tell the player to use it in the moon caller staff, which isnt even a craftable item in the game. Why would the player think to deconstruct it if they cant construct it?
  9. While i understand the usage of the iridescent gem is linked with the moon caller event in the newest update for the sake of being related to the moon, why is it that you are forced to jump through all of these holes to get the gem? The gem is never explained to new players and it seems like if a new player were to stumble across the ornate pedestal they would just collect the gems or get confused, then leave. For a game that has the main teaching mechanic of pushing a player in the right direction, its oddly unfitting. I understand that they want you to go into the ruins to get it, but why not then just allow the players to find them in chests in the maze? It would save a lot of hassle when you already need to become best friends with pearl, kill crab king( a boss that still has pretty useless drops, and isnt too fun to kill), and find the lunar island... just to potentially spawn a new boss? At the end of the day youll at least reset the ruins after killing the fuelweaver, along with obtaining multiple boss drops. But right now, all of this hassle youll need to go through for the portal, you dont seem to get anything besides a possible boss with a few drops that might just be more 'useless' ocean/ sailing items like the malbatross or crab king. I just dont see the point why klei wants to make it so difficult (or drawn out, as its not necessarily hard to get many of these items.)
  10. omfl i was gonna make that joke, im so glad a fellow wes was able to at least!