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  1. ... i mean, atleast it exists? who knows, they may expand upon it with the next updates.
  2. Yo dude, i think i found your youtube channel purely by accident, i saw that you had a dont starve video from over a year ago~glad to see your still part of the community!

    Odd how that works?

                       -Also no im not stalking you (Even though going back to the comment i posted on your channel, i said i saw your comment on a Acnl ost vid and all, i just saw you in the year of the carrat forum... SORRY!)

    1. Pinyaps


      i wasnt a part of the community until late 2019.

      i don't even know if i can consider myself that

    2. Mime


      RIP alright, sorry lmao.

  3. So i know where the anim Wes files are, where the speech files can be found (of course without Wes's) but i haven't been able to find the file with the lines of code that connect Wes's animations together, and so on and so forth, just help I've looked for over an hour, I'm probably blind but hey. (Im trying to make a Wes- speech- client mod, IK pretty bs.)