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  1. I get your point but thats not exactly what im saying, i just would like klei to make sure all for all worlds that are made, boats can be driven around the whole thing, without the space becoming too small to fit through.
  2. Let me tell you a story, where i spent a good 25 days or so, traveling around the world with boat, just to find a gap that seemingly should have been fine it was basically the size of the boat, and apparently it wasnt, so we had spent all of this time trying to get to a gap that had just stopped us in our tracks, its a real shame. Please just let the land to ocean ratio be big enough all around for world gen, waterfalls look nice, but dont work nice!
  3. so are they just adding birds to make the roc more w i l d?
  4. perfect new emountwell.
  5. Cant find the

    So i know where the anim Wes files are, where the speech files can be found (of course without Wes's) but i haven't been able to find the file with the lines of code that connect Wes's animations together, and so on and so forth, just help I've looked for over an hour, I'm probably blind but hey. (Im trying to make a Wes- speech- client mod, IK pretty bs.)