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  1. Hi, everybody booked to play from another computer, also throws on Desk, played 5 cycles. maybe someone knows what should be done to the game did not take off on the desktop? BR Roman. output_log.txt romko 295 Cycle 300.sav SimDLL_CRASH_release_256131_20180303-17.47.28.dmp
  2. played OK, had replaced the hdd to a sdd + added memory from 8gb to 16gb, save game transferred from the old system. SimDLL_CRASH_release_256131_20180301-00.15.17.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_256131_20180301-10.46.33.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_256131_20180301-11.27.50.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_256131_20180301-11.45.22.dmp ромко 274.sav