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  1. I just saw a developer replied me, a long time ago... Im sorry mate, love you <3
  2. A lot of people are having this issue. Please Klei fix :3 1 hour before, the game said that was not possible to enter the world for network issues, so I thought "uh okay, it must be me right?" So, again, please Klei fix it, with love, Fernando
  3. Yep, didnt work. A lot of people like us, has the same problem.
  4. Me 2!! I unnistall right now, now lets see if it works. I it works, I gonna tell u
  5. I know, but I thought Klaus was a special xmas boss. I didnt know that was possible to see them before. Thx for the reply! I know boy-o
  6. I dont know what happened, for me those guys just appear in xmas.
  7. This happened in 2 latino servers that I played with Webber, for some reason me and my compadre cannot trade with the main merm the links for the image is down there: Thats the only bug that I found until now