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  1. Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Do you use mods? Yes Version Number Rev. 360464 789 14:48:49 Issue title Beefalo causing game to crash, possible due to a sound file issue Steps to reproduce Any time I get close to a beefalo herd, the game crashes. Including the crash screen. Describe your issue My base is right next to a beefalo herd, and whenever I get close to them within seconds the game crashes. This happened several months ago too, I made a report about it then too. I reinstalled the game, played without mods, but nothing seems to be working. It's RoG, Hamlet is enabled but I think it happened before I got the DLC.
  2. Disabled all the mods and it works. Now I just have to find which one is causing it :/ I believe I found the one- 'Catch That!" There's comments that say so too, I'll delete it so I don't accidentally enable it again.