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  1. Prior to EU if I allowed all food types, dupes would eat whatever the highest quality food that was available. Now if I have liceloaf and fried mushrooms in the same fridge, everyone picks liceloaf. This will make higher tier dupes unhappy, so you have to manually uncheck the lower quality food. Which is even worse given that the food expectations is broken in the consumables window.
  2. This slow down is far more significant than all other previews. I've played them all and this is the first time I've had stop because it's unplayable. At cycle 150.
  3. Re-enabled attribute leveling, reduced max attribute base level to 20 Attributes are leveled regardless of jobs now. The 1-5 priority system, once you got the hang of it, was considerably less micromanaging than the one that is being brought back. The update required a change of strategy, which takes a bit of getting used to, but there was a lot of "I HATE IT" immediate knee jerk reaction that was ridiculous. Thanks for the explanation. - Software Engineer.
  4. So what's the point of jobs now? This looks like another tune an upgrade all the way down to pointless to appease the complainers.