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  1. Wonderful Hope the game support gamepad in the future, and better multi-threading optimization
  2. unexpected quit game after 1/3 cycle New Horizons Cycle 58.sav
  3. Rock Granulator Recipes doesnt display metal icon
  4. Something went wrong with heavy wires and batteries when it's connected together, batteries doesnt working while smart battery still working. It doesnt happen with wire and conductive wire. Acropolis Cycle 124.sav
  5. (Sorry for my bad english) As you see, my copper vocano made slimelung spawned so quick, instead of its high temperature when it erupting copper. Before erupting there are ~1,000-10,000 germs/cell but after erupting there are over 100 million germs per cell. I've try to fill that room by chlorine but germs continue spawning every eruption. Acropolis Cycle 61.sav (1).sav
  6. I dont know how this bottle appear but I think this is an issue on display graphics Dreamland Cycle 70.sav
  7. Sorry for my bad English. I just come back to the game with new map and found that some positions marked as Unknown as this screenshot, cant dig it Dreamland Cycle 141.sav
  8. thanks bro, it's worked here is my save file if you need it Factory Cycle 248.sav
  9. Thermo sensor still didnt working when I reload my save with the lastest update today [AT-242186]