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  1. Propane?

    Propane would be nice as it’s freezing point is below the boiling point of oxygen and would make building efficient LOX plants easier.
  2. Four channel multiplexer design

    Yes the edge detectors use that to detect the edges.
  3. If I have a pump in germy water and one in clean water is there anyway to ensure that the clean water is used for food and the germy water is used for the super computer?
  4. Sulfuric acid could also be used as an alternative means to purify metals from ores with a reduced heat generation.
  5. I would like to be able to set a threashold so that dupes whoes hit points fall too low get automatically assigned med beds for healing. At the moment I have to find injured dupes and manually assign them.
  6. Alert generator

    This would be great. You could create alerts for things like running out of a resource.
  7. Inspired by a discussion on this forum I decided to work on creating my own multiplexer. This is an early design so far and there are is much room for improvements but I hope people will find this helpful. There is nothing about this design that would prevent it from being used for any number of channels as long as it is a power of 2. This is the main multiplexer. The two automation wires on the bottom left select which channel is active. The not gate/and gate array is used to decode the binary representation of the channel into a signal that selects which and gate will allow which in coming single threw. On the right you can see the data line and the clock line exiting the image. Here is the control system for the multiplexer. The And gate s-r latch combination acts as a frequency divider/pulse counter. The counter alternates between off and on with every pulse that it receives, however it only will output a pulse when it is in the "on" mode. This means that by chaining these counters together it will cycle through the output of "00" "01" 10" "11". This is the demultiplexer that is used to undo the multiplexing. It uses the same binary counting system as the multiplexer along with the same system to do channel selection. After the channel selector the and with one input notted is used as an edge detector to reset the s-r latch briefly each time the that channel is switched to. Limitations of this design. It has no way to handle channel sync so if for some reason the states of the counters on each side get out of synchronisation things will get mapped to the wrong channels. I would like to improve the design by going to a one wire design and using something like Manchester encoding to encode the clock signal inside of the data. However in order to do this I'm going to need to create a phase detector and a variable frequency oscillator in order to create the clock signal re-generator.
  8. Yes. That’s why I know automating would be a problem. Set up a pressure plate that closes a door in frount of a door. If a dupe has a job beyond the door they will walk towards the door hit the pressure plate. Then they will wonder off to sprouts something else. But as soon as they are off of the pressure plate the job will be on thier todo list again. You can get dupes trapped in wasteful loops of that way.
  9. A sensor wouldn’t be useful as it has to prevent pathing to beyond the door. Otherwise the dupes would get tasks in the forbidden area and keep trying to enter it.
  10. Ore scrubbers don’t consume chlorine so they don’t need a flow of it.
  11. I would like to say “You are not permitted through this door unless you have 100%” immunity. Or “ Do not enter unless health is able threashhold”.
  12. Has anyone done the math on which produces more polluted water. Cooking oil to petroleum and burning it in the petroleum generator vs cooking it to sour gas, condensing that and using the natural gas generators?
  13. I came up with a solution to this and it came from the same observation that Sasza made. They don’t immediately return to the rocket if it is break time. So I’ve used automation to ensure that the gantry is only extended during break time or when the rocket is fueled. I’m currently using steam rockets so the refueling takes a while.
  14. I’ve mostly automated my rocket process. The rocket lands gets refueled, unloaded etc. However after it lands my austronaut exits the command module for a brief momen and then gets right back in. Since turning the rocket around takes time I’d much perfer my austronaut to be helping around the base until the rocket is refueled. I can do this manually by briefly de allocating the austronaut until they exit the silo though a one way door and the return door is only unlocked when the rocket has been refueled. However I want this to be something I don’t have to intervene in.
  15. You can build a pulse gate out of existing gates. If you have a filter gate feeding into a not gate then and it with the orgial signal and and them together it will act as a edge detector.