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  1. Terrarium needs emptying

    Oh.. the polluted water is new to me... (not using terrarium too much, and in the prev i dont use at all ) --- Ok, tested. yes, the emptying priority is not the same as the delivery. there is a bug or something: The default priority was 6-7. They deliver the stuff normally. When need to empty, they don't care it. Cranked up the priority to 8-9, then they emptied it. ---- Finally, they emptied it on normal priority too. But seemingly they don't hurry with it... they take their time.. ---- I don't know its intended or not: they don't emptying completely. Just one bottle.
  2. Unreachable bed

    If load your save, then the night come, they automatically go and assign bed themselves.
  3. Terrarium needs emptying

    Look at the text, and contents, last line; you have polluted water inside in. + normal water. I dont know how you managed that... This is why it want to empty it. --- Like the farming tiles. And i think you dont have polluted water drop off/emptying point.
  4. Coal generator is not automatable

    Yes, its working now. Thank you!
  5. Dupes do not use Ore Scrubber anymore

    They do, use this layout. this worked for me. Dracian2.sav Ps: Loaded beck your original save. After the drums have fully loaded with chlorine, the use it properly, put the Fungal Spore in, or other stuffs.
  6. When starting a new game, no Wheezewort has been found, seen. But if i save, and reload the map, the Wheezewort will pop up. Samples attached. - load the game , and no Wheezewort can be seen. - unpause the game, and the Wheezeworts will pop up. Luckless Pigpen.sav The Happy System.sav The Hardy Spacecamp.sav
  7. After the mark 2 prev update the Coal generator is not automatable. (the info has disappeared from the info panel too)