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  1. Wait minespatch do you have a sheet for every character, or just Wilson and Max?
  2. I don't know why I find these memes funny but I threw this together. Also whenever png sets are updated lemme know
  3. Oh no the thread found pix2pix and edges2cats. I have genuine fear.
  4. This. I cannot let this be buried. Oh by the way is there an updated version of those sheets with Wilsons like this? I need them for some dnak memes.
  5. Create any boat, find a spot where a "waterfall" is. You can exit the boat and get out of bounds. (Ignore the Playstation buttons, it's a texture mod) Here it is in action: oob bug.mp4
  6. Does anybody have a transparent version of this face? And Wilson's head from the "Yawn" emote?