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  1. Hello, its going to crash when you are with the dig tool selected, then go to to build something (a ladder in my case), so you want to change the material of the ladder will be build (sandstone to sedimentary for example) and boom, the game crashes. Tested with the game paused and running on velocity II. If you deselect the dig tool (with escape for example), the crash dont happens. Thanks, Michael Prust
  2. Have u tried this(RS-NOR Latch) concept?
  3. Hello, the duplicants are seeking for the closest way and not for the faster. If u have a 10 sqaures long stair, and a 10 squares long firepole on the right side of the stair, and command a dup on top to down to the left side of the stair, then he will go down along the stairs, and if u command he to go to the right side of the firepole, then he will use the firepole to go down.
  4. Hello, after save a game with a custom delay on filter/buffer gate, and then go to "main menu" reload it, the gates comes with the default timer (5s).