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  1. game crash

    My game crashes with message " dontstarve.exe has stopped working ". Recommendations like checking the cache, updating drivers, reinstalling and etc. did not help me. my specs: intel core i5-3450/ 4gb ram/ nvidia geforce gt 630. Problem signature: problem event name: BEX application name: dontstarve_steam.exe application version: application timestamp: 595bdd1f fault module name: fmodex.dll fault module version: fault module timestamp: 51187c33 exception code: c0000409 exception offset: 00024ea5 os version: 6.1.7601. locale id: 1049 additional information 1: 10b1 additional information 2: 10b1ea861dc045c4495dce3877ac1786 additional information 3: 5fae additional information 4: 5fae9d001e369ba19bea27ec50e1118a log.txt