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  1. Hi, guys. I tried adjusting the ports as above and it made things a little better but still experiencing significant lag. I'm thinking it may not be connectivity related? I've noticed that most days in the game kick off with a long stretch of heavy lag in a split screen game, during which time the wheel and pulley icon appears in the bottom right corner. The game labours until the pulley disappears (which in some seasons can be half or most of the daylight hours so pretty crippling). I don't know what the game is doing at this time but it shouldn't be grinding the game to a halt.
  2. So if I pull my internet cable, it won't work at all? Maybe adjusting the ports like it says here would help then:
  3. I'm experiencing the same issue on Xbox One, and wondered if it was ever resolved for PS4. There isn't much activity on the Xbox One board for the game so thought I'd check out here. Does the game experience the same persistent lag issues only in offline split screen mode, or is it also present online? It seems strange that the game should have such issues offline.
  4. I'm getting terrible lag even in an offline split screen game with only two players. Are there any workarounds/fixes for this? I'm playing a game with two local players on one XboxOne.