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  1. Whenever I try to add caves into one of my worlds, instead of instantly creating it it says "Launching Server", then "Server is generating world", then finally it says "Dedicated Server failed to start". This bug is extremely annoying because I can't use anything that the caves have to offer. If anyone knows how to fix this, please give some instruction on how to fix it. I'll insert my game files and my game logs if that helps. Thanks! client.ini boot_modindex server_save inventory_cache_prod inventory_cache_prod_sig modindex modconfiguration_workshop-356930882 modconfiguration_workshop-666155465 SimpleHealthBar_anim SimpleHealthBar_color SimpleHealthBar_cstyle SimpleHealthBar_dd SimpleHealthBar_forumlink SimpleHealthBar_gstyle SimpleHealthBar_hotkey SimpleHealthBar_icon SimpleHealthBar_iconx SimpleHealthBar_icony SimpleHealthBar_length SimpleHealthBar_opacity SimpleHealthBar_pos SimpleHealthBar_thickness SimpleHealthBar_unlocklink SimpleHealthBar_value SimpleHealthBar_wallhb morgue motd_info ping_cache player_history pricing_cache profile saveindex server_preferences server_save 0000000001 0000000001 0000000001 0000000001 0000000001 0000000019 0000000020 0000000021 0000000022 0000000023 0000000024 0000000025 0000000019 0000000020 0000000021 0000000022 0000000023 0000000024 0000000025 0000000002 0000000003 0000000004 0000000005 0000000006 0000000007 0000000003 0000000004 0000000005 0000000006 0000000007 0000000003 0000000004 0000000005 0000000006 0000000007 0000000001 0000000001 0000000001 0000000001 cluster.ini leveldataoverride.lua modoverrides.lua server.ini cluster.ini leveldataoverride.lua modoverrides.lua server.ini leveldataoverride.lua modoverrides.lua server.ini cluster.ini cluster_token.txt leveldataoverride.lua modoverrides.lua server.ini client_chat_log_2019-05-10-15-23-51.txt client_chat_log_2019-05-10-18-46-39.txt client_chat_log_2019-05-10-21-04-19.txt client_chat_log_2019-05-10-21-08-42.txt client_chat_log_2019-05-11-16-13-31.txt client_chat_log_2019-05-11-19-40-25.txt client_chat_log_2019-05-14-19-53-51.txt client_chat_log_2019-05-16-19-40-24.txt client_chat_log_2019-05-17-17-31-04.txt client_chat_log_2019-05-17-17-49-02.txt client_log_2019-05-10-15-23-50.txt client_log_2019-05-10-18-46-39.txt client_log_2019-05-10-21-04-19.txt client_log_2019-05-10-21-08-42.txt client_log_2019-05-11-16-13-27.txt client_log_2019-05-11-19-40-25.txt client_log_2019-05-14-19-53-50.txt client_log_2019-05-16-19-40-20.txt client_log_2019-05-17-17-31-00.txt client_log_2019-05-17-17-49-02.txt client_chat_log.txt client_log.txt
  2. Yea i realized it never updated... So i updated it after I realized it worked. Problem Solved!
  3. So... magically i created a new game. So i think it works but if it doesn't work I'll post something else.
  4. What do you mean I've been updating the game every update. Also I'll try again for the thing blocking the game
  5. I think it might work now, just test it. I bought the game in either 2016 or 2017. Probably 2017, so it's not that old. output_log.txt
  6. You said an antivirus was blocking access to the save file. I went to my antivirus and I enabled access to it. output_log.txt
  7. I allowed access for the save file. You should be able to edit it now.
  8. Output_log folder: output_log.txt
  9. So in the live branch it wouldn't let me play what so ever and it said that the file wasnt readable. I don't know what that means. On the preview branch, it lets me play but there are no saved games and when i click on new game, right before it finishes, a red text pops up for less than half a second and it goes back to the home page. I can't play any more because of this and I want to see the updates. output_log.txt