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  1. I want to know if there's a way with fmod or code to make something play a sound and when there's a trigger from the creature like it stops moving, it pauses, and resume when it starts moving again, but from the part of the sound it paused, not starting again. An example is the Endtable moving towards behind you in the night, it has a sound already and it stops when he gets close enough to you, there's a way to make it pause and resume from the same point?
  2. Everytime i click a certain recipe, a crash log appears, the only thing i've done before was, getting a random crash and doing a recipe with ingredients i've never used to cook it, it saved the ingredients to cook it in the recipe book later on, but because the crash was like a yes/no thing. It just doesn't let me see certain recipes without getting a crash. As the same time, a visual bug/glitch appears in the down corner left. The animation of the main menu glitchs too, it doesn't plays and stays 'freezed' (Isn't appreciable in the img. i don't have any way to record it) I already tried to play without Mods and restarting my pc, verifying game integrity cache, stills corrupt, i hope this bug gets fixed soon, can't play without getting a crash openin' up the recipe book. Here's the recipe book file, i already tested switching files with a friend, and works, but isn't normal recipe books getting corrupted. recipebook Anyway, thanks for the support!
  3. I entered in a game, through 'Join Game' without the game open'd It shows up you like a Lvl 1 And when you finish the match or take a look at your Curio Cabinet, it comes back
  4. When i level up on The Forge, sometimes it doesn't show up in the Main Menu like i leveled up Just shows my level before and i have to restart the game everytime i level up That's starting the game Level Up Bugged level Any new Warchest And when i restarted the game everything updates and shows up my real level and if i have a new Warchest