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  1. Everytime i click a certain recipe, a crash log appears, the only thing i've done before was, getting a random crash and doing a recipe with ingredients i've never used to cook it, it saved the ingredients to cook it in the recipe book later on, but because the crash was like a yes/no thing. It just doesn't let me see certain recipes without getting a crash. As the same time, a visual bug/glitch appears in the down corner left. The animation of the main menu glitchs too, it doesn't plays and stays 'freezed' (Isn't appreciable in the img. i don't have any way to record it) I already tried to play without Mods and restarting my pc, verifying game integrity cache, stills corrupt, i hope this bug gets fixed soon, can't play without getting a crash openin' up the recipe book. Here's the recipe book file, i already tested switching files with a friend, and works, but isn't normal recipe books getting corrupted. recipebook Anyway, thanks for the support!
  2. I entered in a game, through 'Join Game' without the game open'd It shows up you like a Lvl 1 And when you finish the match or take a look at your Curio Cabinet, it comes back
  3. When i level up on The Forge, sometimes it doesn't show up in the Main Menu like i leveled up Just shows my level before and i have to restart the game everytime i level up That's starting the game Level Up Bugged level Any new Warchest And when i restarted the game everything updates and shows up my real level and if i have a new Warchest