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  1. Thanks for the answer. It has been fixed, by itself, or dunno why. But in the game i created today, (i created at least 6 yesterday). I have been able to travel. Yet i could not in yesterdays games. Many thanks.
  2. Since the Gorge update, whenever i create a DST world, to play myself or public, or any game i create, If i spawn in caves i can`t get to the surface, and If i spawn in the surface i can't get to caves. If i use the stairs to get to the other, i spawn in a diferent point of the same, caves/surface. It only happens in servers created after the update. Is this intended? I read nothing about this on patch notes. For example: I start the game, and the florid postern is in the caves, if i go to stairs, the one´s that take you to the surface, i am moved to another stairs in the caves. If i start in the surface it happens the same, that when i get into a sinkhole, i spawn in another surface point, or i do not know where, cause i cant see my previous place. Please fix this issue. I had some mods, instaled, but even if i have all disabled when i create the world. I get the bug. I configured the world, so it was huge, has no spontaneus fires on summer, no plant illness, more beefalo mating, and huge maps. Both caves and forest have this config, when posible to settle. I add images, before getting into the sinkhole, and after.
  3. I found the problem. My antivirus had bloqued some files from the folder, so even when deactivated was causing problems. Then when i restarted the computer the antivirus, turned on again, and kept blocking the game. I have solved now for me. But it was thanks to you Scott that gave me the key of the problem. Really many thanks
  4. As u asked, the folder i modified. For the case u may need it Many thanks!!! DoNotStarveTogether_backup.zip
  5. Hi there, old client_log, the one of the folder i have changed the name. OK problem fixed, i can create a new world now. I am quite happy with that. Is posible to recover my game, or is not? If is easy to recover it, please tell me how, but do not lose time, if u need to try things. the world had <16 days, it was a good begginig. But the important thing is i can play now client_log.txt
  6. I will do it, is like imposible that I had 20mins of play in day 12-16. I did as u said, and the same problem happens when I try to launch the world. No logs have been created.
  7. Of course I can, Cluster 1: the already generated and played world normal server_log.txt caves server_log.txt World 2 configured, error before even starting it. HAs no logs to show you. I tried to launch it without caves, without events, and nothing seems to work, launching a new one either. Many thanks
  8. Hi there again, thanks for the afst anser. In the meantime i tried to reinstall the game, wich did not work. I add the server log, but i cant play that server neither create any new. The problem is the same if i laucnh the world or start a new one. I attach to the post the server log. Many thanks man. server_log.txt
  9. Hi there, Yesterday I was playing this private world, in fact I started it yesterday. My problem is that when i was going to start it in the night, this error happened to me. I had to update the game just before. I have supposed that the patch had something to do with this issue, but when i came to forums, i didn´t see too many people having this issue, so i posted this. I tried to deactivate my antivirus, just in case, and already verified files. I also have the same issue if i try to generate any new world. None of both solves anything. I play with no mods at all. It is the flat game. If I can help you with some files or show, please tell me where those files are, and i will upload then. I have DST on steam and both steam and DST are installed by default. I added Client log just in case Many thanks