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  1. For the QoL update we could have thulecite and moon rock statues and also a ancient guardian statue too
  2. Are we gonna have winter's feast now? HYPE
  3. no, it works on boulders and also petrified trees.. i really think its a bug, it doesnt make sense to me.. its just depriving me of my resources.. plus there are other events that cause loot polution by "breaking" trees, such as the meteor showers.. also looking back at the video I think I can see the image of the log during the animation but it just doesnt drop.. (Idk, I might be imagening this though..)
  4. Hi, I've noticed that whenever Bearger walks through a forest he only stumps the trees and drops no logs. Only if I make him attack or ground pound do I get the logs.. I've noticed this bug going on for a while now, and I finally decided to record it and post it here. I think this is a bug because it doesn't happen to other bosses, such as klaus or dearclops.. I hope the attached video helps! Bearger Bug.mp4