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  1. Hi Klei team, well I'm not quite happy logging in just to find my loyalty skins missing yet i've been collecting them diligently. On this webpage they show as redeem yet i've had them and on confirming onion my inventory they are missing or have been rolled back. It's sad :( below are the exact loyalty skins. - Knitted Puppy Hat, Daggered Heart, Staked Heart, Carrat Torch, Sorcerer's Circle, Stolen Heart,Pig King Hat kindly confirm your db and you'll see indeed that i had all the above listed skins.
  2. is it me or is it the game settings bcoz the graphics on my pc are just X_X
  3. Hi Klei group i just got to play The Forge beta few hours before The Halloween Update that shut down the beta servers. So i got disconnected twice and in the first one i was kinda playing for close to 30 mins then on login in again i found my xp at the very same level and i couldn't find the server i was playing in coz i wanted to rejoin but all in vain. The second one happened so fast all i saw was dark screen then it exited me out of the game completely and in a matter of seconds the update was live'Halloween update' and then the Forge Beta logo on in my library vanished