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  1. FixedCamera's DS Fanart

    I'm back with new and improved fanart. Depressing Autumn Dead Day Ripped my heart out (Warning she is holding anactual heart but there is no blood)
  2. I got my replacement disc. Thanks~!
  3. Ok. It's August. This is getting really ridiculous.
  4. Still waiting ; v ;...been a while now
  5. If anyone is interested in tutoring a still rough player let me know? I'm wanting to learn to more effectively and productively play but currently the only DS friend I have is really really horrible at actually working with me and teaching me. He just runs off and does his own thing and talks out loud like he's doing a let's play.

  6. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Yess. Now I want to buy Wendy and Wilson's outfits.
  7. FixedCamera's DS Fanart

    Thankyou thankyou ; u ;
  8. I'm new to the forums. I'm a little shy and I'm a novice at Don't Starve and wanted to join before but didn't because of that. But I decided to do it anyway

  9. Messin' With Fan Art

    Last one is my favorite. I really need to start getting better at drawing Wilson like that
  10. One day I hope for a physical release of the music. It's so charming. I love it. Glad it was released at all though period
  11. FixedCamera's DS Fanart

    Thankyou everyone
  12. [[EDIT: I'll occasionally post my newer art in the comments!]] Hello I'm new to the community and kinda shy+a novice at the game. Sometimes I don't know where to start when entering a community so I usually fall back on sharing my artwork.Lately I have very much enjoyed drawing fanart for Don't Stave. Especially of Wendy and Wilson who are my favorites. Quality varies unfortunately. Rainy day Wendy and Abigail First older drawing of Wendy Wendy and Wilson Willow (This is the one most people seem to always like) Floral Wendy Chibi Wendy Wendy and Abigail night stroll Wilson Wilson and Wendy Halloween Wigfrid Wendy Wilson and Shinsou Hitoshi (MHA) First decent drawing of Wilson I did Old Wilson and Wendy drawing Genderbent Wilson Fancy Wendy Pony tail Wendy Young and older Wendy