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  1. I see... that's clearly not wrong, I understand what you mean, I just imagined that as a character-only weapon, that the character in question is Walter, who is really vulnerable to damage, a faster ranged weapon would be really better for him, without being the best weapon of the game (With some maths that I'm not gonna share here because it's really long and boring and hard to read, if you farm marbles with the beans, it's faster to gather 5 nightmare fuel + one living log than 6 marbles, even if you have an incredible luck on stage 2 marble shrubs).
  2. Actually, I think that only Walter can use the slingshot ? So as a character-only weapon , I don't think it's that much op, he is a ranged weapon user, I think he should have a reliable way to fight, but I understand why you say this. And about Woby you're right, but it would be awesome to, like run and gun, basically ~ It could be a really nice way to participate in combat (I'm thinking more about the Bee Queen, he clearly can't use melee, and he should still be able to flee if grumble bees target him)
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoy playing Walter, and that you have all enjoyed the animated short ! I made this topic, because I have somes suggestions, that I want to give, and I want to be sure that they're visible by the majority of people. First of all, my thought on Walter : I really love him, just, the design of this character is adorable, he makes me melt ! It's like, woah, 2cute4u. And in terms of gameplay, I really like him too. I love how the system with the sanity works, I don't think it's too horrible, it's a great downside. I don't mind too much about the "minor" perks, like cooking faster on a fire or having sanity regen when close to alot of trees, it's nice, it's coherant with the character, they're fine. I love Woby, it's a really good girl, she is even better now with the "fixed hunger" system. The only problem I have with Walter is his slingshot. I love the all the rounds, they're great, they have really fine damage, the actual problem I have with, is the DPS (Damage Per Second). Maybe you haven't tried the slingshot yet, but it's really slow, like, it's almost impossible to keep a good distance with monsters abit faster than average, and it's really painful to see this, for a character who would rely way more on ranged weapons. What I would love to see : The slingshot is actually, fine in terms of raw damage, the marbles do 51 damage, it's not that costly, it's some really good damage for the poor price. The problem is like I've said before, the DPS (Damage Per Second), the slingshot is really slow, and, making it abit faster wouldn't be too much I think. We can imagine that the slingshot as the same speed as the darts, it would be a cheaper version, with multiple effects with the rounds, it would be a good weapon. I have another suggestion, it's about Woby, and the slingshot. It would be awesome, to be able to shoot with the slingshot when running on Woby, I don't know if it's possible or not, but, if it is, it would make the slingshot maybe even more enjoyable than the darts, shooting and running at the same time, it would make Woby abit more useful (I love her too much, I can't imagine playing and ignoring her) A short and clear list of what I would like to see : - Making the slingshot being able to shoot a little bit faster (like darts) - Being able to shoot and running when on Woby (if possible) That's all everyone, if anyone have some cool ideas, just share them here, I read everything !
  4. I just say that here because, I'm dumb, but you can use melty marbles they do the same damage as one hit of a thulecite club or a fresh hambat (~59 dmg)
  5. Here is a little drawing of Walter, because I'm totally hyped for him, he is so adorable, that face is so cuuuute help me plz (I tried to use somes colors but I usually don't do it, so it's not the best, I'm pretty ok with the look of it, but with abit of practice, I could make it better, and the angle of the pic make the colorized one having a sausage head, I'm so sorry)
  6. Thank you for using this pic in your meme, as @ADM said, it's a private joke between us (because yeah, it's my little nugget face on the t shirt, when I was younger) very funny meme !
  7. Hi! I'm doing six fanarts challenge and just had to draw Spinel 1st :3, thought I'll share it here randomly xD.  


    1. Le Rafistoleur

      Le Rafistoleur

      You have some wonderful idea you know ! <3 Nice drawing ! I draw too, on paper tho ! ~

    2. Whisperlisc


      I would love to see some of your drawings.

    3. Le Rafistoleur

      Le Rafistoleur

      I'll share some with you with pleasure ! I think I'll draw abit tomorrow, I'll find a way to send you what I'll do ! ~

  8. You know that they only drop twigs if they go to the stage old to small ?
  9. Wes in S+ tier, that's epic, It please me alot, you're a very nice person ! Thank you so much, it makes me so happy, Wes should have so much love, my tootsy baby face ~<3
  10. Reworking the idea isn't a bad idea, I love your idea @ADM ! (Like alot of the others that you've been up to...) But I feel that maybe, we could have an item that works like a cure, if you have a diseased plant, put the cure, and it will not have disease for the rest of his life till you pick it up, that would prevent decorations from being spoiled by disease. And, it will let people easily have diseased plants for their decorations. It might sounds a bit off, but, I love to have zoo on my worlds, and, the diseased berry bushes add a nice little touch to a cage of vermins like the depth worms or something abit dirty, and with your rework, it would be hard to have like, 1 or 2 berry bushes diseased without having like 25 berry bushes on the same place risking to get it too. So, if Klei choose to add an item that work like a cure (as how I imagined it, cauz it's the ideal in my opinion) or rework the disease like you said, I'll be happy for both of the idea, but I just hope that we'll have something to counter it/ or something that tweaked it in any case !
  11. I don't use any mods beside client (I have alot of mods to disable effects that make my pc suffer, I have a reallllly old pc), and that's it. I prefer to have the real 100% original DST feeling. (+ I didn't finished to dominate a full map completely so, maybe after this, we'll see)
  12. I understand what you say,but I don't think it's the problem of the game. I use everything on the game, I love fishing, I love the lunar Island, one of my favorite boss is the Malbatross (big birb is nice). I don't feel that the new content is unused, alot of my friends use the new content, I mean, from my pov, we love to discover and use all of the items the game can give us, like, Wobster, nobody talks about them, like, it's an awesome and cheap ingredient for really good recipes, and a good way for farming moonglass, I love them, I love the lunar island, I found the moon glass axe and glass cutter useful, they're really good tools/weapons. If you only play with the old stuff with the excuse "Why should I go to the lunar Island if I can just have better stuff here" what you say is true. But, I don't feel like you should play the game with that idea in mind. You should always try new things, like, play the new characters, I don't know if you did, but, Wurt and Warly are really good characters that totally change the way of playing and actually, would makes the new content abit more appealing to you ? Stone fruit and kelp are awesome and the best option for having veggies for both, and that involve the need of a boat, so, I feel that all of these are useful and not outclassed, it depends only one you, what you want to do, and how you want to play. ~
  13. Wes, Wes, and only Wes, I'm sure that he would get the favors of every viewers (and me, of course), and I mean, he's the cutest and nicest boy I've ever saw, he needs to be kept to the first place ! ~