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  1. I voted whispering cauz it looks totally bonkers in the ruin when it's the wild phase during the night cycle, but I usually craft the basic one, I love the "aztec" style.
  2. What was the issues on the Wurt skin ?
  3. Epic I love so much rocks, It's my new favorite one ! AAAAA
  4. Thank you for using this pic in your meme, as @ADM said, it's a private joke between us (because yeah, it's my little nugget face on the t shirt, when I was younger) very funny meme !
  5. Hi! I'm doing six fanarts challenge and just had to draw Spinel 1st :3, thought I'll share it here randomly xD.  


    1. Le Rafistoleur

      Le Rafistoleur

      You have some wonderful idea you know ! <3 Nice drawing ! I draw too, on paper tho ! ~

    2. Whisperlisc


      I would love to see some of your drawings.

    3. Le Rafistoleur

      Le Rafistoleur

      I'll share some with you with pleasure ! I think I'll draw abit tomorrow, I'll find a way to send you what I'll do ! ~

  6. Wes in S+ tier, that's epic, It please me alot, you're a very nice person ! Thank you so much, it makes me so happy, Wes should have so much love, my tootsy baby face ~<3
  7. I just changed my profile picture to Spinel way more... relaxed, and a little tootsy-bit confident (and still as cute as I like it ~).
     I was abit stressed about starting to talk on the forum, I mean, it's a whole place I started to discover. And I like it ! Just like my profile picture, I feel way more relaxed here now, thanks to every nice people on the forum !
    (And a very special thanks to people who from the start, started to talk to me ~) 

    See ya all on the forum ! ~<3

    1. Whisperlisc


      I'm happy to see you feel more comfortable here on forums.

  8. Beside the meme with the antlion, can we talk about how creepy the original image is ? Like, a runner with f l e s h behind it ! x)
  9. Oh god, that new profile picture, MWAH ! Excellent ! Might change mine too hehehe, good day to you ! ~

    1. Whisperlisc


      Glad you like it! Here is the full drawing:


    2. Le Rafistoleur

      Le Rafistoleur

      Just saw your response ! I saw it today before ! It makes me so happy ! I don't know why ! 

  10. So, fans of Felix Colgrave are here, that's wonderful ! And, I would never imagine that this video would be a meme one day, that's, very, fascinating !
  11. I'm sure everyone understand, but sharing this mean that people will not agree to what you say, and, share their opinions, which is fine, but some people will not be ok with the shared opinions and blablabla, I really hope it's not gonna finish into a circle of non wholesomeness ;-;
  12. Ok, this is gonna burn, be safe Nikki, personally I'm gonna hide into some wholesome things, and nice profile picture, very cute !
  13. I love Warbucks too, always in my heart <3
  14. Slasher's fan too and wow, it's some really bad luck that you have @Charlie Dark, having a base crushed because a stupid moleworm ;-;