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  1. Sw Bug

    Update, unistalled the beta and STILL happening, even without mods
  2. Sw Bug

    update, the glitch does not happen when i play a shipwrecked world
  3. Sw Bug

    This is a repost of another report in the wrong section, here it is! I have been playing the new SW beta for a little now, and i have seen this frequent bug (is it a bug?) with my new shipwrecked-incompatable worlds. I have no mods installed, and this is what shows up: scripts/components/colourcubemanager.lua:108: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/components/colourcubemanager.lua108 in (method) GetDestColourCubes (Lua) <80-118> scripts/components/colourcubemanager.lua:70 in (method) StartBlend (Lua) <60-78> scripts/gamelogic.lua:590 in (global) PopulateWorld (Lua) <383-702> scripts/gamelogic.lua:833 in (global) DoInitGame (Lua) <742-999> scripts/gamelogic.lua:1023 in (up value) cb (Lua) <1019-1025> scripts/saveindex.lua:1115 in () ? (Lua) <1114-1117> =[C]:-1 in (method) SetPersistentString (C) <-1--1> please help, keli team! also, i have never experienced this before downloading the new beta.