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  1. More Eets fan art because i love eets
  2. Epic Teaser Free to use banners and circle thingy
  3. I love Eets very much and so i decided to make some fan art for him. Here's a speed draw of it too:
  4. Another project that i was apart from, a mod made by TitaN and sprites by me; the mod was designed to "fix" raid bosses for single player and multiplier. Go here for it: icon: Back of the armor: Front of the armor: Side of the armor: Inventory image of the armor: The "Axe": The "Axe" (but on the ground) :
  5. Epic dst beta art, this is for the evolution of wilson Final: Beta: Pixel art one idk what its called Final: Beta: Find it here:
  6. lmao
  7. lmao yes, just link it here, i wanna see it (sorry for the late reply lol)