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  1. I recently got the pocket edition and tried to use my ps4 controller is there any way I can play with it? If not please add in an update. (Sorry I found this topic in another post)
  2. Underwater Update

    Thanks gonna have to get it for steam
  3. I've already bought all the chesters, glommer, 2 dangling depth dwellers, 2 normal spiders, a limited pink crabbit, and a controller skin for ps4. Ive been trying to make my own shirts like a lureplant but I was curious of what Don't Starve merchandise might be coming if any? Me and my freinds thought these would be the best: Plushes *Koolaphant red and blue *Cave Spiders and Spitter Spiders *Krampus *Snow and Shadow Chester Tshirts Wigfrid Genecide shirt (killing everything) Other Glommer Backpage real life
  4. Adds *Oxygen meter *Deep Ocean *Swimming *Rust (durability in water) *Ocean Caves *Labrynths *Flippers *Spear Gun *Manatee *Merm Chariter