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  1. Klei! Back again with another similar problem You fixed the bug where it disconnects after a win, but this time it saved the achievments and discarded the exp. It showed me level up to a 61, then when I left the server it put me back at 58. I checked to see if it didn't save the achievements since I finally won as wes again (no deaths too woo) but luckily those saved. The sound cut out as well. Thanks for all you do, hope this gets fixed! :> Edit: went into a different game and it showed 61?? Ignore me then this is just a temporary bug I sppose XD Edit #2 bois: NOT a temp bug, its the item collection that's broken and stuck on 58. I'll restart and see if it fixes - - (restarted and it fixed you know what im deletin this whole dang comment XD) Edit #3: this whole comment is a mess what is happening, I can't delete comments XD Now yall can view this steaming pile of confusion for the rest of your days. You're welcome :>
  2. client_log.txt I have not restarted my game yet, though I'm not entirely sure it hasn't done it on its own since the sound is back. Hope this helps! ;-; Edit: it looks like it didn't restart and it kept the info. I saved a copy just in case.
  3. KLEI I'm sorry I don't know how to do the client log seeing as I'm the opposite of tech savvy but It's not fixed yet D: I finally won a game as wes and immediately after it disconnected us. I checked to see if I still got the achievements (since it did this before on an all wilson game but I still got the exp) and it didn't save anything. ;-; Like the other guy said, all the sound cut out as well.