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  1. Hi, I stumbled across some texture/text glitch when running ONI on my Kubuntu system after some time. Text is randomly just garbage and textures like to look like someone took drugs. I tried to reinstall the game but it didn't change. I don't have installed any mods at the moment. Here are informations about my system: Kubuntu 19.10 - All updates that are available to this day Nvidia-Driver-435 i7 8700K GTX 1070 If more information is required just request them. lshw
  2. Hello, I found a kinda big memory leak when loading the colony summary in a loaded game. When generating a summary it goes up in ram usage (obviously as it loads much stuff) but when closing the ingame summary window and opening it again the game starts hogging even more ram. On my game it goes so far that it uses 14GB opening it the first time, 17GB the second time and 24,5GB the third time where it stays. When going back to the main menu it clears of most of the ram usage. I attached screenshots from taskmanager, savegame and dxdiag file but there was no output_log.txt. I'm using the build LU-358820 which I downloaded from Steam Maybe something faulty with giving free space when closing summary. Acropolis.sav
  3. I saw that my dupes regulary complain that they need a toilet even after they just went there and the bladder stats are at under 1% It's only the speech bubble that they have but might miss lead some players.
  4. Hello there, I have a nice little problem here with my game... When I move through my base it sometimes stops for a period of a second and then goes on... I made this here that you can check it out: I hope you can see that when it slows down for a moment and that is what I mean. It is a bit annoying specialy when you got a base that goes very wide to the sides Hope you can do something that fix that or tell me what is wrong Timeline_SAVE.sav
  5. Hi, I found a little thing here on my base.... When I try to sweep some stuff in my base it drops to 15fps (from about 60FPS) and after maybe 10 sec it crashed if I didn't cancel the job. If you try it yourself. start sweeping the stuff in the right storage room on the bottom floor. I attached my save here Hope you can tell me what is wrong or maybe fix it. Thx for implementing the comunity so much <3 Timeline_SAVE.sav
  6. Hi, I found a bug again. I have a medic bay room in my base but the medic beds inside say that there is no such room. I attached a picture on this post so that you can see that. And my save is also there. I'm not that shure if it got patched in the latest update (253063), so... if it's not please do it. Timeline_SAVE.sav
  7. Hello, I found a little bug in the latest preview of the game. When I hover over something that I get the box with information and then press the hotkey for sweep I can move the curser arrount, but the old information box stays there. Sometimes only the text that was inside the box stayed. I attached a video here so that you can see it. Just a little thing but could be fixed. MrMinemeet Sequenz 02.mp4