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  1. so I did this and now everytime I log in half of my map I missing. Everytime I log in now a different section of the map is missing/blacked out by fog of war. No big deal. Just warning everyone who tries this.
  2. ok, I know the devs know about this. People have been reporting this bug for two years now. Every time you enter the volcano time is advanced by multiple days. For example, I had a completely fresh dish of eggs n bacon I went into the volcano and it turned to rot within seconds. Not to mention all the food i had stocked up in my ice box at base. This is a terrible problem. Its completely messing up the balance of the game. I dont want dry season back to back just cause I decided to venture into the magma mouth. Please developers fix this. Some people wont even continue to play Shipwrecked until this is fixed and these were posts from two years ago. I understand things like this happen but please please please devs take care of this. I'll send a few bags of Swedish Fish your way, this is not a bribe just a wy of saying thank you.(the party size bag might I say ) upon release of the patch that fixes this.