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  1. Thank you so much! This has been driving me crazy.
  2. Poke at a less ungodly hour of the night. Also I've already tried "Sleepy" "eyerub" and "eye_rub" and none of those seemed to work.
  3. Before I get into anything I should say the only reason I've gotten this far is by looking how other people mod and do that myself, so I lack a bit of the know how on doing things completely independently. So I'm working on a character mod and I've hit a bit of a road block. I've been able to get all of the character sounds working except for the one used for the /sleepy emote. For the life of me I can't find what it's called inside the code. When remaping a sound it normally looks something like this -> RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/keylii/talk_LP","keylii/keylii/talk_LP" ) <- or this-> RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/keylii/carol","keylii/keylii/carol" ) <- along with a corresponding assets in the fev and fsb file. If anybody know what it's called in the code or a least point me to another mod that has a /sleepy sound, could you help me out? This has been driving me crazy! Also, sorry if this isn't quite the right place to ask this kind of stuff, i'm still kind of new to the forums.
  4. If it's of any help it seems only to happen when using custom characters giving pig king any item, at least on my end.
  5. Disguise for Webber

    Thank you for this. This is something I needed in my life.
  6. Poop will get stuck in the guard towers and can not be retrieved. It makes a lot of noise and won't even trigger the character to move to pick it up. Also I'm new to the forums and don't know if this is the right place to post this kind of stuff so let me know if it isn't.
  7. guards are dumb

    Also nobody it that town takes any issue with eating their fallen brethren and they poop everywhere. Are we sure they're civil?
  8. I just want to buy food from the nice pig lady.