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  1. Oh, thanks for sharing your animal loading station, this is helpful!
  2. You hosted files are saved in the forms of Clusters in your "DoNotStarveTogether" folder
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKQ-U-rnLdo Today we "learned" how to "use" boats. And by "learned" I mean learned I mean royally screwed up repeatedly, and by "use" I mean destroy, let float away, floor it into islands. ect. A Good (Soggy) time was had by all.
  4. This. I feel that's what the update missed. Intrusiveness, is the perfect word. This is what Woodie had before the update, and it is what made him "unique". It was a curse.
  5. Hey guys. I'd forgotten how bad the forest biomes dark ground was during dusk when insane. The insanity creatures are literally invisible. You can only ever see them if they move in front of an object. It effectively makes it night Is this normal? Or are you supposed to be able to see in the forest during dusk? Can anyone share their screenshots in a similar situation? The brightness isn't a problem in the rest of the game, just those dark forest biomes
  6. Blue sow spawned in wall

    Just happened to me as well, in my world that I created today.
  7. I cornered a Seagawk and picked all of his plumage. Let him run away afterwards, and when he was out of range to be distraught be me, it went into the mode where it "hides" behind all of its plumes.
  8. When you pick up Manure, the lady who wants to buy Petals will rush to tip you, and says "Hast Thou Plop?" This seems like a typo to me, but I'm still getting my footing here.