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  1. so we can port over existing worlds from the beta branch to the live update?
  2. with the addition of Warly and the new crockpot recipes do you guys think it would be nice for KLEI to have some sort of recipe book on its site, other than people going to google or wiki to look stuff up (and the wiki doesnt even have the updated recipes).
  3. Is the Warly patch also making the moon stuff from beta client being ported into the actual game client (so no more beta client) ?
  4. Wormwood is Now Live!

    so wormwood is in the beta but theres no announcement on forums or am i just blind?
  5. Wormwood is Now Live!

    is it not in the beta yet?
  6. anyone know what happens if you create the sculptures you get from the moon alter blueprints?
  7. 1 week left.... We're in the Endgame now
  8. can anyone link where did Klei say new content will be coming out at the end of April?
  9. 10 more days until April Pepega
  10. You can probably see this bug on vods for more details but pretty much 5 members of the party was downed, last person was reviving someone else but got killed while doing so. However that person who was getting rezzed did get revived but the A.I. still showed us failing the mission.