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  1. Have made a server twice, but now stuck with can't determine region when trying to make custom server. (Mac)
  2. This is me with my boyfriend, he's waiting to play so we can team together. Missing out on so much practice!
  3. Me too, it's also now happening to my bfs pc too. Edit, he could play before but now it won't connect while making his own server.
  4. Still can't join the servers. It keeps saying failed to connect to network server.
  5. Me too! At least it's now in beta rather than on the day (cries still)
  6. sad times! we've waited so long for gorge so a teeny bit more won't kill us (still breaking my heart a lot)
  7. Software won't open with Mac, tried validating files, restart, uninstalls but no load
  8. I'm having trouble opening on Mac, it won't load, all files verified, not sure on what to do?