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  1. rain hat + rain coat+ wilson with beard+ on rain on boat= a really good screenshot.
  2. yes goddamit, he barelys has anything. wendy is more easy to new players than wilson. he definitely needs a rework.
  3. people asked about klei makes a dst animated series, but there is the problem of netflix and stuff we already know, so what about comics? it can be easier and still have lore-character interactions and etc, and if they want to make a little more pretty they could like the litle nightmares 2 comic style with movement and sounds ya know? what do you people think?
  4. it is possible to have mushroom trees in the surface? like ds. i was in a public server and saw some mush trees and the server did not had any mods. so i was quite confused
  5. holy crap that is wrong, wilson and warly THAT low, its not right
  6. oh great another boring human. -its a joke don't kill me-
  7. honestly, seeing me in something popular is kinda heart warming
  8. i don't think wagstaff is evil, since most of his quotes looks like he wants to bring the science and magic of the constant to the real word, like that belt hunger , if he becomes evil maybe is not even on porpuse
  9. if he's not an playabe character then i guess i will never see wagstaff quotes in dst... i really wanted to see what wagstaff said to wilson or maxwell
  10. i have no idea what is happening but i am sure as charlie im hyped
  11. he is way more expressive that i thought it was gonna be, im loving this ! hmm no please...