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  1. If my understanding of what is causing this is accurate, yes.
  2. I looked into this. The thing is that spoilage time is stored in time, not percentage. So when the total spoilage time for pumpkin changes from 10 days to 20 days, they appear to have spoiled. What's strange here is that the 20 day spoilage time for pumpkins is not being caused by having hallowed nights enabled in a world, but it is being caused by hallowed nights being the default event right now. This means that any world with any event setting currently has 20 day spoilage time on pumpkins instead of 10.
  3. honestly never realised dapper vest had insulation
  4. Raincoat and Hibearnation vest can't be traded to pearl because they lack the tradable component. They both pass the iscoat() check in Pearl's logic, but there is no prompt to be able to give them to her.
  5. I telelocated myself into the aporkalypse calendar room but I don't appear on screen or on the map. I can't interact with anything, but my character appears to be to the right of the screen based on the audio. I closed the game without saving and tried it again and the same thing happened. The mods that I am using are Geometric placement, Quick Drop - DS + DST (client) and Sanity Volume Limiter.
  6. Do you know what time the new accomplishments will be going live?