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  1. Thanks @Timpressive and @BIG_iron2! I went back t9 it after about 15 or so trues, and it loaded just fine!!!!! Still no caves, but at least I didn't lose my worlds! Some of them are up to 500 days or so, bcuz me and my gf love this game so much, and play every day! Psn:Stonyplv Klei I'd (according to the extras screen on DST PS4): KU_DAKJXvLy
  2. Quick update. Now it told me my world is damaged and it cannot be loaded. 158 days down the drain. We're checking my girlfriend's psn save files to see if her saves are working.
  3. Also, after reading this, I sent the save data to the email provided by you. Thank you.
  4. By Stonyplv Here's my save data, hope it can help. Winona is great, but it definitely is a drag not being able to get into the caves, me and my wife play everyday, and have been eagerly awaiting anything we can get on the ps4, since we don't have DST on the pc. We definitely saw a correlation with the launch of the Forge, which we don't get to play, yet. Thanks for the hard work and the great game, though. P.S. Is there any way for PS4 players to utilize the Redeem Code option in the game, since we don't have CD keys? I bought mine off the PS Store. Thanks in advance.