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  1. BREAKING NEWS! Stinky first dupe to use the loo in space!!! Heart Breaking News!!!!!! We have no idea how to get him back down......he seems ok though...
  2. Iv got a 3D resin printer. An Elegoo Mars. the makes awesome clean prints. Iv got meep, nisbet and mi-ma perpetually on a manual generator on my desk along with sweepy keeping every thing clean. you could do them on an FDM (assuming thats what you have if its a broken extruder) but they would have to be made much bigger then standard. right now they print about 1-1/2" inch tall but the models wouldn't care of you scaled them up. Iv got plans to make larger bobble head likes ones from them any ways.
  3. NICE! I dont texture mine usually just some color for render before 3D printing. Here is bubbles with my version of the art gun!
  4. yes yes it was....wow I should watch my dupes more closely....I did not know they had a different gun for all these different tasks
  5. Show me! Id love to see some one elses model of them as well. Thanks @watermelen671 wow I have not seen more then a few of these in game....actualy only ones i know are the water pump gun and the art gun is the normal building gun in here? I assume its the green box one in the bottom left
  6. LMAO once again the advantages of 2D frustrate 3D modeling.....the gun is to big to actually do any thing more then hold at his side when modeled per-game @_@ time to add some arm stretching action to the model!
  7. THE WATER!!!!! IT WONT STOP!!!! No really...had that water gyser just compressing water into a door compressor (had mostly water ....like 1mkg in 3 tiles and like 500 kg of poluted water in one) and then.....some how BOOOOOM it was 7mill and growing and some how pushed passed a tripple door compressor and now.....it just wount stop....its evened out to around 1500kg per tile but just keeps rising and rising some how! Starving Abode Cycle 961.sav