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  1. So I'm currently playing on my ROG Strix laptop. On my Mac I had some of these issues, but not all of them. I'll list them in no particular order. 1. When I go to character select, the name/picture doesn't sync up and whoever I pick when I hit "apply" seems to be random, so to get who I want I have to just keep trying until I get lucky. 2. I can't change any of the controls on the 2nd page of the controls options. I used to be able to use Q an 3. I can't open/close the debug console with the normal keys, I have to keyboard smash until it opens(~ and CTRL L don't work, and closing it I haven't figured out, to enter I have to go 123456 and it will let me...) 4. (This one needs fixed if nothing else)Sometimes when I start a new file, whenever I go to do an action like cut a tree, my tool will switch when I hit spacebar, which I use to force inspect/action so that if for example, there are two patches of grass, I can just hold in space and when I pick one I'll walk to the next one and get that too. So if I go to cut a tree and there is something else near it like an item on the ground or a bamboo plant, my tool will switch and instead of cutting the tree I'll pick up the item or cut the bamboo, and this happens EVERY time I press space. Then it stops doing it after a few more logins/deaths/whatever. 5. I can't use the esc/tab keys to pause/view map, I have to actually click on it. When I used to play on my Mac I had the character select issue but none of the other ones. I do not use any mods. I stopped playing games on mac b/c it was frying my motherboard and I need it for work things. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!