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  1. NOT after purchase but before purchase it looped on 1 machine and the 2nd machine reverted back to the base game. Both run fine with new DLC after the deleting of the folder as you suggested. But if you don't buy the DLC it looked like 2 different games for some reason. After purchase it both computers synced up ok. but before purchase 1 machine had the DLC activation and the other PC did not.
  2. I had the DLC running on 2 machines. The first machine crashed and now only loops the DLC activation. No matter how many times I enable it, it never takes hold. tried to enable 5 times and verified files each time. the DLC will not activate. The second machine was a hot mess. Crash then reinstall failed files. The DLC activation disappeared and only the base game stable build is running with no option to enable the DLC.
  3. Another issue with the Printer in the Alpha was when I put a mech door under it to drop fish into a pool the clock timer would not always start again on door close. I would have to open the door wait a few seconds then close it to restart the clock. Never a problem in the base game.
  4. Someone at Klei should emphasize the the DLC option is only on the Main Menu Lower Left corner and there is no need to go to the Steam Properties tab to enroll. I reinstalled the game and now the DLC activation in the lower left is gone. BUILD ! CS-444111 ! and no opt in available in the steam properties tab. I feel like George Russell right now kicked back down to release build "Williams"
  5. I had the Alpha running for 5 days never a crash. Today on the 8th (BETA RELEASE) the game crashed on the Klei screen with red missing file dump. I sent into Steam and verifired files. It found 175 bad files and updated. I then was able to post to the main menu. TLDR File verification worked for me today. But it only got me to the main menu where it crashed again on New Game. FYI I do not have a beta option in the steam menu to choose from either.
  6. It also happens if you leave the game unattended in windowed mode to do other stuff. The next cycle they start to do the same thing.
  7. Ok, it seems my Steam defaulted to archive branch on reboot.
  8. Why did steam update back to this Version for me just now? 10/26/17 9 am PST
  9. I am losing oil in a loop from pump to liquid outlet on the live oil build.