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  1. About new characters

    But you cant add characters that have no sens with lore....That is my point....
  2. About new characters

    dont argue if u cant understand.
  3. About new characters

    well he is cool looking and has good mehanics but u cant just toss a character in game and i am talking about the 1 that got deleted and they are adding 3 more just like that
  4. So they told us that with new update they will be releasing new characters to dst. So i beg devs not to make a mistake and think of it before they do it ,cuz i see they added new characters to Hamlet and for me they are so random and some look like they dont fit in to the world.So pls make good ideas and dont add some random stuff with no sense just for sales.
  5. So there was a bug that caused somehow bearger to get from another end of a map to center of my base and i rly dont want to kill him and rebuild the whole base ,so how do i despawn him.
  6. About the 2019 plan

    I hope it will be like ANR
  7. So the things they said they will add are really awesome and i cant wait,but pls for love of god add them in existing worlds also. In the plan they said there will be new bioms to explore but is it posible to add new bioms in existing worlds?
  8. Items missing

    Ye wenn i started game again i got the chest.
  9. Items missing

    tnx ill try
  10. Items missing

    100% sure
  11. So today i was playing dst and i got a gift i opened it and i got a winters chest.After i went in to my inventory trying to open the chest it was not there,and wenn i look on my profile the skins i got last it is not there. @JoeW
  12. This is the last skin from this set right?
  13. So before i start i want to say that i know this game is played for fun and that this is not a competitive game. But if u are rly good at this game and u played for thousands of hours there is no rly way tho show it. What most people think is that if u have a skin you are good ,but that makes no sense u can start to play dst and buy all skins with money/ I would like if in next update we get somthing for that and its not cuz im rly good or i played a lot i would love to see some people that are dedicated to this game to show that dedication. But i rly dont know how can we do this? I thought of ranks but how would you progress if this is not competitive game,or maybe atleast borders or portrait frames,icons? We got from Gorge gold silver and bronze frames and that can show that you were good. Do you guys have an idea? And dont get me wrong i dont whant to change this game its good as it is ,i want a option that u can show that you are good at this game and that u play it a lot beside having a lot of skins,
  14. So as we saw in the past klei listens to community and they add stuff that we want and as i see the most popular topic is character rebalanc so they will probably do it some time,maybe the next big update.They also said they will add permanent stuff to dst cuz thats what the community wants which is great. I have 2 questions: 1)Is rebalanc of characters the most important thing to u?I think it owuld be rly cool to see cuz we can all get a new experience with characters we played for hours(they probably wont complitly change characters ,maybe a buff or nerf here and there,but still cool),or somebody can play wilow without troling. 2)For the people that played when a new region was being added i have a question:Do they add all stuff at once or small updates cuz i saw some posters of new region update and every one has some new stuff on them.And do thing get added to existing world or u need to create a new one (that would rly suck) P.S Sorry for English