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  1. At least I can now make a "gas room" with a geyser and a trap dupe Joking, aside, this a pretty good change.. IRONIC The new Morale system is pretty good and the Schedule system is now pretty neat.. Although the spike in their stress is so pretty hard..
  2. Great updates! Seems likes the Tubes receive quite a useful and meaningful update here. Plastics also got an indirect buff (I think), since cost are tuned down for other plastic objects. Making Endpoints expensive was also a good way to balance things, for now.. Makes me wanna play ONI again now.. Never knew this was possible actually I wanna try that recipe now, and I'm gonna make lots of it! Thanks for fixing the old calo bug too! It doesn't really affect you but it's frustrating.
  3. Security doors are like the simple doors, it lets water and gas pas through
  4. It requires both plastic and metal, which weird for it's research branch.. The bug is that, your game crashes when selecting Gold Amalgam.
  5. What's devmode anyway? Debug mode? I don't use that either (I do actually, but only for testing stuff).. Performance drops explicitly from cycle 1 at the start, it sometimes ends up freezing my desktop.. Not playing it till next upgrade
  6. I decided to give this update another try, and so I did.. Performance is horrible right now, and tubes are too expensive. The time I created a tube system, my dupes are running faster than it. Hope it gets change.... Note: Just read the comments, Someone already mentioned this actually...
  7. Sometimes, there are worlds where one doesn't spawn actually... Also, I tend to put other overheating buildings over there. If that's one of the many ways to manage polymer press easily and moderately resource consuming, then I guess there's no other choice. I'm gonna spam Tempshift plates, they'll eat up core because of calculations for temperature I think.. I wish cooking buildings would skip a looped recipe if their isn't any resources for it and proceed to the next one, and only got back to the first when recipes are makable again, that would be efficient and easier, rather than having 3 Microbe Mushers and 2 Cooking Stations which is too much power consuming. I heavily agree with more automation updates too (and I always agree to those ideas actually) since automation, once again, seems dull as of the moment... Biomes? I agree with that, but the world should be bigger then, but meh, It's gonna effect performance. Lights and Showers have a pretty slim effect. Why build lights that produce heat when you can just spam decor anyway? I kinda always hate the question... Why build a shower that removes a almost non-existant debuff? All those kinda useless RN. Besides that actually guys, I'm still happy about the performance improvement for it, which one of the biggest headaches for ONI. If were gonna get that (and we shall), maybe this 4 week update is satisfying then, until we ran out of ideas again (This so long... This is me expressing ideas, sorry)
  8. I completely agree with this.. Maybe while doing this, maybe the devs should tweak and add a few (or remove a few) things for the automation. Automation RN isn't actually a necessity (like Tubular upgrade) but there should be at least is a few scenarios where people should use them... Fire Poles and Plastic Ladders are like tubes but manual and a bit slower. Not to mention, plastic production is kinda hard to maintain.
  9. It was mentioned that automation is kinda useless RN, they already know that fact... Funfact: They (The devs) mentioned it themselves at their Stream. Signal Swithes are logically switches, it only has output since it requires manual checkup.. It you're annoyed by that, use sensors. Dupes Work>Safety, that's how their mind works... It's your job to make it safe for them. Cut everything short: 1) ONI has a memory hiccup, thus lags,skips and deletes random stuff at random moments. 2) Eveything here is already explained and talked about in other post and forums. Welcome to beta/alpha stages friend!
  10. There's also a bug like this related to animals, like a slicker starts being a plant.. Someone reported that issue, it could connected to that.