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  1. Decor maxes out at 120 yet negative decor has no limit. Decor doesn't go through mesh tiles. Painting require metal & fiber, both which are fairly limited when you first start. Really disappointing in all these changes. 120 decor plummets pretty fast on a mining trip, disabling those dupes for the next cycle. Fairly frustrated at having to have a lifeline of decor following you at all times. It wouldn't be as bad if decor didn't account for 50% of your morale requirements, but no instead I have the entire base hugging decor or on a massage table. Oxygen not an issue, so might as well rename to Decor Not Included or Massage Table Simulator. This QoL update gets a huge thumb down. Yeah I can set the stress difficulty to very low but that doesn't excuse poor game balance. Shrug.