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  1. I think I posted in the wrong forum I'm on ps4
  2. [Game Update] - 123

    Thanks that worked for me
  3. Koalefants Do Not Get Enough Respect

    If you feed a pig 4 monster meat he will turn into a werepig, and if you drop a stack of berries, vegetables or lightbulbs he will eat them and turn them all into poop, you can use this to easily get around 300 poops in under 30 minutes, then I'd recommend turning everything you don't use for farms into poop buckets which turn I think 4 poop into 10 uses
  4. [Game Update] - 123

    It won't let me download the update I keep getting an error then it only lets me play offline mode
  5. I dragged all 3 suspicious marbles and me and my gf repaired all 3 of them, we both made a comment that the bishop statue was the coolest looking, but when I went back on the new moon only the rook and knight statue were shaking, and the bishop statue looked damaged. I thought it may be a glitch so I waited untill a full moon to mine them, but all I received from the bishop statue was 2 peices of marble. Can these statues be broken with a meteorite shower? And if so is there anyway to get it back? I read I can get a bishop trinket from a tumbleweed but I also read that I need to have already received a bishop script first.
  6. So I've been trying to get the shadow atrium for a while, I dragged the 3 suspicious marbles to the statues and repaired all 3 with my gf, we both thought the bishop one was the coolest looking but on the new moon I went and only the rook and knight were shaking, i wasnt sure what was up so I waited for a full moon and mined them all and only got the rook and knight. The bishop statue just dropped some marble, I checked all the places I originally found the suspicious marbles and none were there. I've checked the rest of the map twice and can't find any more, i spent all night looking for a similar problem and started looking in tumbleweeds but I'm pretty sure I can't get the bishop trinket unless I've mined the bishop statue..