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  1. I dragged all 3 suspicious marbles and me and my gf repaired all 3 of them, we both made a comment that the bishop statue was the coolest looking, but when I went back on the new moon only the rook and knight statue were shaking, and the bishop statue looked damaged. I thought it may be a glitch so I waited untill a full moon to mine them, but all I received from the bishop statue was 2 peices of marble. Can these statues be broken with a meteorite shower? And if so is there anyway to get it back? I read I can get a bishop trinket from a tumbleweed but I also read that I need to have already received a bishop script first.
  2. So I've been trying to get the shadow atrium for a while, I dragged the 3 suspicious marbles to the statues and repaired all 3 with my gf, we both thought the bishop one was the coolest looking but on the new moon I went and only the rook and knight were shaking, i wasnt sure what was up so I waited for a full moon and mined them all and only got the rook and knight. The bishop statue just dropped some marble, I checked all the places I originally found the suspicious marbles and none were there. I've checked the rest of the map twice and can't find any more, i spent all night looking for a similar problem and started looking in tumbleweeds but I'm pretty sure I can't get the bishop trinket unless I've mined the bishop statue..